Taking Action Against Car Theft

Taking Action Against Car Theft

Protecting New Yorkers and Their Property

While violent crime is on the decline across New York State, like many states across the nation car thefts are continuing to rise. To fight this surge in car thefts, Governor Hochul is taking targeted actions to protect New Yorkers and their property.

These efforts will provide additional funding and technology to help local law enforcement, support youth crime prevention efforts, and educate vulnerable car owners on anti-theft measures they can take to protect their property.

Comprehensive Auto-Theft Reduction Strategy

Reducing Car Thefts

Governor Hochul's five point plan includes:

• fast-tracking $50 million in law enforcement technology and equipment
• $5 million to enhance youth justice alternatives and diversion programming
• directing the State Police to implement new enforcement efforts
• strengthening the prosecution of car thefts
• launching of a public engagement campaign targeting vulnerable car owners.

Crime is Down, But Car Thefts are Skyrocketing

The percent change in crime outside of New York City in 2022 compared to 2017-2019.

Too many New Yorkers have faced the shock of waking up to an empty driveway or the heartbreak of seeing one of their most valuable possessions disappear. That is why we are supporting local law enforcement to prosecute and prevent these thefts, and ensuring car owners are taking appropriate steps to safeguard their vehicles.

Governor Kathy Hochul