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Bond Act Status Update

The $3 billion Restore Mother Nature Bond Act was passed in the state budget in April 2020. Unfortunately, Governor Cuomo confirmed on July 30, 2020 that the bond act will be pulled from the November ballot due to the impact the Coronavirus response has had on the state's financial situation.

Bond Act

Governor Cuomo's Executive Budget includes a $3 billion Restore Mother Nature Bond Act, the largest environmental bond act in State history, and is part of a broader 5-year plan to invest $33 billion to fight climate change.

If the Bond Act is passed in the FY 2021 Budget and ultimately approved by the voters in November, it will fund critical environmental restoration projects in every corner of the state to ensure New York is able to withstand the threat of more intense and frequent storms fueled by climate change.

The Restore Mother Nature Bond Act will:

✔️ reduce flood risk for vulnerable communities
✔️ invest in resilient infrastructure
✔️ restore fish and wildlife habitats
✔️ preserve open space and enhance recreational opportunities
✔️ prepare New York for the impact of climate change
✔️ ensure transformational projects, especially in disadvantaged communities.

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Bond Act: Resiliency Investments

Fight Harmful Algal Blooms

New York will design and build emergency response equipment that can mitigate or eliminate Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB) in waterways across the State.

Bond Act: Increased Recreational Opportunities

2020 Energy and Environment Agenda

Beyond the Bond Act, learn more about Governor Cuomo's energy and environment agenda for 2020, which includes a ban on single-use Styrofoam.

Restore Mother Nature Bond Act

Program Proposals

Protect High-Traffic Public Lands for Future Generations

In both the Catskills and Adirondacks, the State will deploy sustainable trail crews to make trails more durable to increased use and analyze and develop new visitor flow solutions to better manage traffic to provide a more enjoyable, less congested user experience.

Fight Flooding and Support Resiliency on Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River

In 2020, the State will work with grant recipients to implement critical projects identified by the REDI Commission to repair and build resiliency in communities recovering from damage caused by high water levels and flooding.

Environment & Energy Portfolio

Governor Cuomo has taken decisive action to lead the fight against climate change and protect our environment for generations to come.