Protecting New Yorkers from the Dangers of Vaping

Protecting New Yorkers from the Dangers of Vaping

Vaping is a public health crisis, claiming too many lives and making countless others sick in a short period of time. What's worse is that young people are increasingly vaping at alarming rates.

From 2014 to 2018, youth use of e-cigarettes increased by 160%. Nearly 40% of 12th graders and 27% of high school students are now using e-cigarettes, and one in five believe that they are harmless and not addictive.

However, the recent outbreak in hospitalizations and deaths from e-cigarette use reveals that there is much we do not know about vaping. New York is using every tool at its disposal to help keep children safe and stop them from forming an unhealthy and potentially deadly lifelong addiction.

UPDATE: The enacted FY 2021 Budget bans flavored e-cigarettes and includes Governor Cuomo's other proposals to combat the use of tobacco and nicotine products. Get the full details.

Governor's Proposal

Protecting Youth from Tobacco Products

Ban the Sale of Flavored Vaping Products
Legislation will ban the sale of all flavored nicotine vaping products, including menthol. Flavored products are especially popular among young people, and in many cases, are intentionally designed to appeal to them.
Restrict Vaping Ads Targeted to Youth
Legislation will ban all vaping-related ads targeted to youth. Advertisers will also not be allowed to make vaping product safety claims or pitch vaping products as smoking cessation options without FDA-approval.
Ban Harmful Unregulated Carrier Oils
The Department of Health will be empowered to ban the sale of vaping carrier oils that include chemicals or ingredients that when inhaled through a vaping device are deemed to be dangerous.

Vaping in High School

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Read about the latest efforts to help stop the epidemic of e-cigarette usage among young New Yorkers.

Advocates Rally to Support #NoVapeNY Campaign

Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul and Department of Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker Host Event to Advance Governor Cuomo's Campaign to Ban Flavored Vaping Products

What's Already Been Done?

Recent Actions to Combat Vaping

Free Text Message Program

Helping Youth Quit E-Cigarettes

New York State offers a free text messaging program to help youth quit e-cigarettes. 

It would be a tragedy if our successful efforts to combat the tobacco industry were reversed by allowing the vaping industry to get a whole new generation hooked on their products.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo