New York State Commission on the Future of Health Care

New York State Commission on the Future of Health Care

On November 2, 2023, Governor Hochul's Commission on the Future of Health Care held their first meeting in New York City, fulfilling a commitment made in the Governor's 2023 State of the State.

Building on Governor Hochul’s historic $20 billion multi-year investments in New York’s health care system, the advisory council will work to build a comprehensive and evidence-based strategy for the state’s health care system to ensure it can best serve the needs of New Yorkers today, and in coming years.

The Commission will provide ongoing strategic recommendations to transform the health care system in New York State, with a goal of ensuring that the limited resources of the State and other health care payers are optimized to enable the delivery of accessible, equitable, high-quality care for all New Yorkers. It will be tasked with identifying strategies to ensure the long-term resilience of New York’s health care system.

The Commission includes some of the foremost practitioners and policy experts in New York and nationally, with experience in health care delivery, insurance, long-term care, workforce, health equity, innovation, and beyond.

Role of the Commission

Offer Strategic Guidance
Serve as an advisory task-force to make recommendations to the Governor and Executive Chamber.
Support All Areas of Health, Across all Populations
Focus on the full continuum of care – including physical and behavioral health across levels of acuity for all populations.
Propose Recommendations
Make proposals across policy, regulation, subsidies, reimbursement, and other strategies to orchestrate, educate, or build and/ or operate programs.

Latest News

“I have assembled this Commission – with some of the top health care experts in the country – to help us build a resilient health care system that leads the nation and delivers every New Yorker the care they deserve."

Governor Kathy Hochul

New York State Future of Health Care Commission

Commission Members

Sherry Glied, Ph.D. (Chair)

Sherry Glied, Ph.D. Glied is the Dean of NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, and has had an illustrious career in health policy.

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