L Project Tunnel Rehabilitation

A Revised Approach

TOP L Project Tunnel Rehabilitation

L Project Tunnel Rehabilitation

As part of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) L Project, officials originally planned for a full shutdown of the Canarsie Tunnel and L Train for 15 to 18 months to repair significant damage caused by Superstorm Sandy in 2012.

Considering that this would impact about 300,000 subway riders each day, Governor Cuomo intervened in January 2019 to assess whether the planned shutdown was absolutely necessary. He convened a panel of engineering experts from Cornell and Columbia Universities to determine if the rehabilitation work could be completed in a less disruptive and more efficient way. The academic team determined that a closure of the L Train Tunnel was unnecessary, and recommended new construction methods and technology.

In April 2019, MTA began rehabilitation work according to this revised approach, allowing NYC Transit to continue to run subway service in the tunnel throughout construction so that regular weekday commutes for approximately 90% of L customers between Manhattan and Brooklyn were not disrupted.

We've kept L service completely normal for 88% of the L train customers and hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers would have been inconvenienced...if [Governor Cuomo] hadn't intervened and changed this project.


Janno Lieber

MTA Chief Development Officer and President of MTA Capital Construction

Ahead of Schedule and On Budget

First Phase of L Project is Complete

With work on the first tube concluding after only five months, the entire Canarsie Tunnel Rehabilitation is now scheduled to be completed in April 2020 - a full three months ahead of projections.

Governor Cuomo Announces Completion of First Phase of L Project

A Revised Approach

L Project Evolution

December 2018

Governor Cuomo toured the L Train's Canarsie Tunnel with engineering experts to assess if the planned L Train shutdown was absolutely necessary.

January 2019

An expert panel determined a closure of the L Train Tunnel was unnecessary and recommended a series of engineering methods to limit impact on L service.

September 2019

The first phase of the L Tunnel project was completed in just 5 months, with the entire Tunnel Rehabilitation scheduled to be completed in April 2020.

Canarsie Tunnel Rehabilitation

New Construction Techniques

New innovative construction methods and technology are being used to avoid a complete shutdown and maintain regular service for 88% of L train customers.

MTA Info

During the L project rehabilitation, MTA is providing construction updates, directional guides and service options.