FY 2021 Executive Budget

TOP FY 2021 Executive Budget

Making Progress Happen

In his FY 2021 Executive Budget, Governor Cuomo advances bold, nation-leading, and historic actions to make progress happen in New York State.

The Executive Budget includes: the most aggressive climate change agenda; the largest building program in state history; the greatest amount of funding for homeless and housing to combat child poverty; a plan to fight division and enhance public safety; new measures to protect our democracy and ensure transparency in government; new initiatives to promote public health; and the highest level of education funding in state history.

For the 10th consecutive year, the Executive Budget is balanced and continues the state’s record of fiscal integrity.

Fiscal Highlights of the FY 2021 Executive Budget


State Operating Funds spending is $105.8 billion – an increase of 1.9%; All Funds spending is $178 billion for FY 2021


Increases School Aid by $826 million – a 3% increase bringing the State’s total annual investment to $28.5 billion; Provides $7.8 billion in State support for higher education - an increase of $1.8 billion or 29% since FY 2012

Tax Cuts

Continues the phase-in of the Middle Class Tax Cut for nearly five million New Yorkers - saving New Yorkers over $1.8 billion this year

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FY 2021 Executive Budget Highlights

FY 2021 Executive Budget Highlights

Housing for the Homeless

The FY 2021 Budget doubles funding from $64 million to $128 million for the Homeless Housing Assistance Program and invests $5 million for projects for homeless veterans.

Empire State Child Tax Credit

The FY 2021 Budget is supporting $2.9 billion for families with children under five years old, including $157 million to expand the Empire State Child Tax Credit.

Protect Against Hate Crimes

The FY 2021 Budget will invest an additional $25 million for religious and non-religious not-for-profit organizations that are vulnerable to hate crimes.

FY 2021 Executive Budget Highlights

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