2023 New York State Inaugural Ceremonies

Sunday, January 1, 2023

2023 New York State Inaugural Ceremonies

Inauguration Details

On January 1, 2023, Governor Kathy Hochul, Lieutenant Governor Antonio Delgado, Attorney General Letitia James, and Comptroller Tom DiNapoli were sworn in for their next term.

Thousands of New Yorkers came together — both in-person and virtually — for this historic event.

2023 Inauguration Program | Transcript & Photos

Watch the 2023 Inaugural Ceremonies

Below is the full video of the 2023 Inaugural Ceremonies, followed by Kayden Hern reciting his poem "In My Mind."

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Governor Kathy Hochul takes the oath of office.
Watch the 2023 Inaugural Ceremonies
Watch the 2023 Inaugural Ceremonies

Kayden Hern, Poet Laureate of the 2023 Inaugural Ceremonies, recites his poem, “In My Mind." See the poem lyrics after the video.

Kayden Hern recites his poem.
'In My Mind'
'In My Mind'

In My Mind
By Kayden Hern and Jacqueline Hern

In my mind
I used to be a child of poverty.
Not knowing that hope and dreams can become reality.

In my mind
I thought it was fine to sit in the back of the classroom.
Because the teacher never asked me to read or write
But little did she know that I was so ever bright.

In my mind
I could not understand why they use to called me ashy and black.
I always heard that being black and living near the railroad track.
Those are the things that would hold you back.
But now I understand being called ashy and black.
Black is the color of my skin, so soft, beautiful, silky and smooth.

In my mind
I could not understand why I used to see my grandma cry.
On her knees and bowing down
Shouting thank you lord, thank you lord.
For blessing this house
Her cry brought tears to my eyes.
Grandma cry was thanking God for all his blessing.
Now I understand why.

In my mind
I heard my ancestor cry.
They help clear the path, so others do not have to die.
Justice and peace, father please help me.
That is what I heard in my mind.

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