March 5, 2017
Albany, NY

Video, Photos & Transcript: On Visit to Israel, Governor Cuomo Proclaims Shimon Peres Day in New York State

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Earlier today on a trip to Jerusalem, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo proclaimed the first Sunday in June “Shimon Peres Day,” following a working lunch with Israeli business leaders. The proclamation is available here.

VIDEO of the Governor proclaiming Shimon Peres Day is available on YouTube here and in TV quality (h264, mp4) format here.

PHOTOS of the Governor and Shimon Peres are available here.

A transcript of the Governor’s remarks announcing the proclamation is available below.

Shimon Peres was an asset to the world. He was one of the more gifted leaders that this world has seen. I’ve sat with people from all across the world. I’ve sat with presidents, vice presidents, I’ve worked in the federal government, I worked in 22 countries. When you sat with Shimon Peres, you knew you were in the presence of greatness and I felt very badly I wasn’t able to attend his service after his passing. I said in the lunch that I was literally at the airport ready to leave and there was a train accident where some woman was actually killed. The accident was in New Jersey, but it’s a joint train station. I attended that literally moments before the plane departed. Mr. Peres was at the lunch today and I wanted him to know how important his father was to the United States and New York, and to me personally. 

As Governor of the State of New York, I’m going to proclaim the first Sunday in June Shimon Peres Day. The first Sunday in June is also the day historically of the Israeli Parade in New York. That day will now be dedicated to Shimon Peres and I think the president would appreciate that. I know that many, many New Yorkers feel the way I feel and I think it’s only appropriate. I would like to hand the proclamation to Mr. Peres and thank him.

The text of the proclamation is below.

Whereas, all New Yorkers are proud to join in honoring the life and legacy of President of Israel Shimon Peres, a leader and statesman of extraordinary caliber who inspired New York and the rest of the world with his lifetime commitment to engendering peace; and

Whereas, President Peres dedicated his life to Israel and its people, serving in nearly every high office of government from Prime Minister to President; and during his more than 50 years in public service, he worked tirelessly to reaffirm citizens’ rights and freedoms, promote economic and social empowerment, and establish an independent Jewish state; and

Whereas, President Peres has  earned the lasting respect and admiration of countless others across the globe and inspiring generations of politicians and statesmen; his critical role in negotiating the Oslo Accords earned him a Nobel Peace Prize in 1994 and confirmed his position as one of the world’s most important advocates for peace; and

Whereas, New York is home to more than 1.7 million Jews – the largest Jewish community outside of Israel in the world – and always had a special relationship with Israel, and President Peres served as a tremendous ally in promoting and strengthening this bond; and 

Whereas, all New Yorkers join in honoring and remembering President Peres’ indelible legacy of leadership, service, and commitment to building a better future for Israel and the world;


Now, Therefore, I, Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor of the State of New York, do hereby proclaim the First Sunday of June, 2017 as Shimon Peres Day in New York State, as a fitting tribute to his legacy of extraordinary leadership and dedication to promoting peace across the world.

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