May 4, 2013
Albany, NY

Video and Photos: Governor Cuomo Volunteers as Part of I Love My Park Day

TOP Video and Photos: Governor Cuomo Volunteers as...

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today participated in the second annual "I Love My Park Day," joining fellow New Yorkers at Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park in Westchester County. New Yorkers volunteered at 77 state parks and historic sites all across New York State.


The Governor delivered the following remarks about volunteering at "I Love My Park Day" (02:20-end of video): "I Love My Park Day, which is one of my favorite events during the year, it was set up by the Commissioner, which brings people out from all across the state to volunteer to help clean up the park, but it also builds the park community and the support for the park and it opens people's eyes to the park. This state has really great, great park system, especially times like now when the economy is a little tight, we have to remember what we have, and what we have in our own backyard, and what we have that is accessible and economic and people should look at the state park system. Today is a great opportunity to do it with I Love My Park Day, and we encourage everyone to come out, and volunteer and meet good people, and we want to thank all the sponsors today who made today possible, many of whom are here, AT&T is out with us, they are one of our sponsors. It's a good day, it's a beautiful day in terms of weather, good people, come out and volunteer in your park."


VIDEO: High resolution (h264, mp4) TV-quality video of the Governor volunteering and talking about I Love My Parks Day can be downloaded here:


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