November 1, 2017
Albany, NY

Transcript: Governor Cuomo Appears on CBS This Morning with Norah O'Donnell to Discuss Terrorist Attack in Lower Manhattan

TOP Transcript: Governor Cuomo Appears on CBS This...

Governor Cuomo: "New York is a target. We have that statue in our harbor that holds the lamp of freedom and democracy. There are a lot of haters who want to knock that lamp out. They've tried before. They'll try again, I'm sure. And they'll fail every time. I'm sure."


This morning, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo appeared on CBS This Morning with Norah O'Donnell to discuss yesterday's terrorist attack in Lower Manhattan. Yesterday, Governor Cuomo directed state agencies, including the New York State Police, National Guard, the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to increase security at high-profile locations around the state, including airports, bridges, tunnels, and mass transit systems, and directed One World Trade Center to be lit in red, white and blue in honor of freedom and democracy. More information is available here.


A rush transcript of the interview is available below:


Norah O'Donnell: We want to bring in Governor Cuomo because he joined in other officials at a briefing soon after the attack. He promised we will be vigilant. His participation in the Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village is a signal that he wants the people of New York City to keep living their lives. Governor Andrew Cuomo is with us now from his New York City office. Governor, it was good to see you and many others out there at the parade last night. Let me ask you this morning, what we are learning about the suspect and did he have any accomplices?


Governor Cuomo: Well, the - good morning, Norah. Well, the investigation is ongoing. The best evidence we have is that he was a "lone wolf" model. They're going through social media to see what connections he may have had. There are very few interactions with law enforcement. He was a truck driver. He had some vehicular violations. The State Police actually helped him and his truck out of a ditch at one time. But, there is no evidence now that it was part of a larger conspiracy, larger plot. This is the evolution of the jihad tactics, right? It's no longer geographically isolated. The internet has given them a global platform and a global training ground. They have a very simple play: rent a car; rent a truck; create mayhem -


Norah O'Donnell: Yes.


Governor Cuomo: And try to disrupt society. And that's what yesterday was. A depraved coward, in my opinion, rented a truck and we lost eight people and that's terrible - but they were not successful. They did not disrupt New York City; they did not disrupt New York State. We went to the Halloween Parade. We had a great parade. I went myself, not because I had a great costume, Norah, but because it was about showing up and New Yorkers showed up.


Norah O'Donnell: Governor -


Governor Cuomo: And they did not instill terror, so they failed.


Norah O'Donnell: Governor, I am standing just about 50 yards in front of that truck that the terrorist used and it's still here on the scene as investigators continue their work here. A federal law enforcement tells CBS News that a note was found in that rental truck that referenced ISIS. What can you tell us about that note?


Governor Cuomo: Well, again, the investigation is ongoing. But yes, there was a note that referenced ISIS. In many ways, this now a "classic case" of a radicalization of a domestic jihadist who associated with ISIS and this is their new playbook. Very simple. Use a vehicle to cause harm. It's New York. It's London. It's Germany. It's France. It's Ohio. So, this is more of what we've seen. You have to remember - New Yorkers - this goes back to 1993. Almost [25] years, my father was Governor when we had the World Trade Center bombing, we lost six people. Then we had 9/11. So, there have been many attacks to knock down New Yorkers. They have all failed. Look, New York is a target. We have that statue in our harbor that holds the lamp of freedom and democracy. There are a lot of haters who want to knock that lamp out. They've tried before. They'll try again, I'm sure. And they'll fail every time. I'm sure.


Norah O'Donnell: One of the reasons they'll fail, Governor, is in part because of the great work of the NYPD. I don't want to go without saying and pointing out the work of 28-year old Ryan Nash, the officer who shot the suspect and stopped him from carrying out further attacks. How is his condition today?


Governor Cuomo: His condition - again, I want to leave the details until the family is spoken to, but he is a hero no doubt. NYPD did a great job. FDNY did a great job. FBI, the coordination of all. Homeland security on the federal side was very helpful. National Guard was helpful. Unfortunately we've been through this before. We have the best security on the globe. It's the most coordinated, and we have first responders who are heroes. That's what you saw yesterday and you've seen before.


Norah O'Donnell: Governor Cuomo, thanks for keeping us up-to-date. We appreciate you joining us this morning.

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