March 16, 2016

Statement From Jim Malatras, Director of State Operations

Statement From Jim Malatras, Director of State Operations

“This year’s executive budget proposal ensures that CUNY will receive full funding. The $1.6 billion in aid it receives has not changed, and will not change under this budget. The funding stays constant. CUNY supports hundreds of thousands of students, many of whom are new to our state or our country, or are the first in their family to attend college. The Governor’s commitment to supporting those students and the institution that serves them could not be stronger, and his budget proposal reflects that reality.

“Indeed, to do more for students, CUNY must improve and streamline its back office overhead and administrative costs. Focus should be on the students and classrooms, not boardrooms and administration. CUNY’s cost of administration is one of the highest in the nation. The state will appoint a management organization expert to restructure back office and administrative functions and present a comprehensive plan to the state for next year’s budget. This will not only bring great savings to CUNY, but will look for shared services with SUNY. These actions will provide even greater resources and services to students and the faculty, who need it the most.

“As far as labor costs are concerned, CUNY is negotiating with their faculty and they are currently in mediation with its union. We urge them to resolve it as soon as possible. Any suggestion during CUNY’s labor dispute that the budget is being cut or the students are in any way harmed is plainly, factually untrue, and should be considered part of the union’s campaign propaganda.”

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