June 15, 2011
Albany, NY

Statement from Governor Cuomo on Rent Regulations

TOP Statement from Governor Cuomo on Rent Regulations

"Tonight, June 15, 2011, many rent regulation laws in the State of New York are set to expire. More than one million New Yorkers live in units covered by these rent laws. If the laws are not renewed, over the long term, there would be nothing less than a housing crisis in the State. Today's expiration is generating anxiety among affected tenants and their advocates. This is compounded by the fact that the anticipated end of the Legislative session is next week.


"My position has been clear. New York's rent laws must be extended and strengthened.


"However, New Yorkers should know the facts. There would be no short-term emergency. Current rent laws could be continued by short-term 'extender' legislation or even if the laws lapse for a short period of time, which they have in the past, there will not be a significant increase in rent levels or disruption in the availability of affordable housing.


"Make no mistake, to prevent a long term crisis, these laws must be renewed and strengthened.


"There is a full agenda for both the Assembly and Senate to accomplish and the legislative session will not end, either through regular or special session, until the people's business is done."