January 25, 2011
Albany, NY

Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on the President's State of the Union Address

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"President Obama tonight outlined a strong, transformative and positive path for our nation. His State of the Union address underscored the need for austerity, innovative thinking and collaboration on both sides of the aisle.


"Promoting private sector job growth through economic development and restrained government spending is the right tactic to put our country on the right track. As President Obama fully understands, New York and many other states are working hard to address multi-billion dollar deficits. I had the pleasure of meeting with President Obama last week at General Electric's facility in Schenectady, where he announced his new Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. I applaud his foresight in recognizing that it takes a focused approach and a harnessing of private sector resources to fully open our economy to future development and progress.


"As a nation, all Americans must refocus their energies to create solutions for future generations. President Obama's leadership will continue to pave the way for our nation to thrive and prosper, and I look forward to working with him and our federal representatives to tackle the sizeable challenges facing New York State and our country."