February 3, 2019
Albany, NY

Statement From Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on Legislation to Ban Offshore Drilling Infrastructure in New York Waters

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Video of the Governor Calling for Bill's Passage in May Is Available on YouTube Here And In Tv Quality Format Here


"The Trump administration's plan to expand offshore drilling is a shocking assault on our environment that puts polluters first. Drilling for oil and gas along our coastlines poses an unacceptable threat to New York's ocean resources, to our economy and to our children's future.


"Last year, and again this year, I called for legislation to ban offshore drilling infrastructure in New York waters and protect our coastlines from this abhorrent federal policy, and this week the ban is poised to pass the Democratic-led Senate and Assembly. This legislation sends a message loud and clear: while the federal government tries to prop up dirty fossil fuels, New York will stand up for our environment and lead the way toward a cleaner, more prosperous future.


"From protecting our shores to advancing the first-in-the nation Green New Deal, New York is proud to be at the forefront of the fight to combat climate change, safeguard our environment and lead in 21st century clean energy economy."

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