March 25, 2020
Albany, NY

Statement from Communications Director Dani Lever on Senate Stimulus Bill

TOP Statement from Communications Director Dani...

"The Governor suggested today that the Senate bill is "terrible" for New York State.  Here are the facts that justify that assertion. 

"Based on initial reports, New York State government gets approximately $3.1 billion.  As a percent of our total state budget -- 1.9% -- it is the second lowest amount in the nation.  Literally 48 states get a higher percentage in funding than New York State.  For example, South Dakota gets 17.9%.

"This is despite the fact that New York State is incurring the greatest costs as we have the highest number of cases in the country.  New York State has 30 times the number of cases as Texas's 1,031.  The gross political manipulation is obvious.  For example, Wyoming, which only has 40 confirmed COVID-19 cases, is getting 17.1 percent of their budget as a payment from the federal government.

"Compounding this inequity is the fact that New York State contributes more to the federal government than any other state in the nation.  It is just another case of politics over sound policy."

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Contact the Governor's Press Office: