January 11, 2013
Albany, NY

NYS2100 Commission Releases Preliminary Report on Improving the Strength and Resilience of New York States Infrastructure

TOP NYS2100 Commission Releases Preliminary Report...

Today, the NYS2100 Commission appointed by Governor Cuomo after Superstorm Sandy to make recommendations to strengthen and make more resilient the States infrastructure released its preliminary report and recommendations. The Governor announced plans in the State of the State to implement and accelerate the development of more resilient critical infrastructure systems. The Governor will be reviewing the recommendations as part of the effort to help protect New York from future storms and natural disaster.


I thank the Rockefeller Foundation and the extraordinary members of the Commission for their hard work in developing these preliminary recommendations on a short timeline, and applaud their comprehensiveness and the vision they lay out for the future of New York State, said Governor Cuomo. We will be reviewing them as part of our efforts to harden our critical infrastructure and to make New York State a leader in creating a more resilient, more effective infrastructure.


The Commissions report includes short- and long-term recommendations in the areas of energy, transportation, land use, insurance, and infrastructure financing, as well as cross-cutting recommendations that are common to these sectors. To see the full NYS2100 Commission report, New Yorkers can visit http://www.governor.ny.gov/assets/documents/NYS2100.pdf.