April 30, 2015

No. 145: Continuing the Temporary Suspension of Provisions Relating to Recovery from a State Disaster Emergency in City of Yonkers

TOP No. 145: Continuing the Temporary Suspension of...

WHEREAS, on March 31, 2015, I issued Executive Order Number 143 declaring a disaster emergency in the City of Yonkers, Westchester County and suspending statutory and regulatory provisions relating to State contracts and the repair of State facilities to allow the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation and the Office of General Services to expedite the award of contracts in order to promptly perform critical repairs to the stone retaining wall in Old Croton Aqueduct State Historic Park that partially collapsed on March 11, 2015;

WHEREAS, Section 29-a of the Executive Law provides that no suspension of laws shall be made for a period in excess of thirty days, provided, however, that upon reconsideration of all of the relevant facts and  circumstances, the suspension may be extended for additional thirty-day periods;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, ANDREW M. CUOMO, Governor of the State of New York, by virtue of the authority vested in me by Section 29-a of Article 2-B of the Executive Law, and after having reconsidered all the relevant facts and circumstances, do hereby order that the suspension of laws and regulations ordered by Executive Order Number 143 shall be continued through May 30, 2015.


G I V E N   under my hand and the Privy Seal of the State in the City of Albany this thirtieth day of April in the year two thousand fifteen.


Secretary to the Governor