March 23, 2017
Albany, NY

Lieutenant Governor Hochul: "Faso to Buffalo: Drop Dead"

TOP Lieutenant Governor Hochul: "Faso to...

"Yesterday while advocating for starving New York’s healthcare system of billions of dollars in funding, Rep. John Faso suggested the Governor defund the Buffalo Billion program. This after he did nothing to help Western New York during his 15 years in Albany. Rep. John Faso is telling Buffalo what President Ford said to New York City: Drop Dead.
"Rep. Faso's tone deaf and uninformed views on the transformation of Western New York under the Buffalo Billion, while he and his sidekick Rep. Chris Collins try to dismantle the region's healthcare network, should tell you everything you need to know about their priorities. Reps. Faso and Collins are not fighting for Western New York, in fact, they're not fighting for New York at all. They are only fighting for tax cuts for fellow millionaires and Paul Ryan's radical anti-Middle Class agenda, and they should be ashamed."

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