January 1, 2012
Albany, NY

Letter to New Yorkers: A Look Back at a Historic Year

TOP Letter to New Yorkers: A Look Back at a...

In the twelve months since his inauguration, Governor Andrew Cuomo has transformed Albany and made state government work for the people once again.

In 2011, our state got back on a path to job creation and economic growth, while a new spirit of cooperation in Albany brought about the most productive year in modern state history.

Under Governor Cuomo's leadership, working with the State Legislature, New York achieved a balanced and on-time state budget, a cap on property taxes, ethics reform, the passage of marriage equality, and historic reforms to enact fair tax rates, among other accomplishments.

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As we begin 2012, we must build on our momentum, keep the interests of the people over the interests of politics, and continue to move New York forward together.