December 3, 2012
Albany, NY

Joint Statement from Governor Cuomo and Governor Christie

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It is without dispute that New York and New Jersey sustained remarkable, widespread damage to homes, infrastructure, businesses and our economies as a whole from Hurricane Sandy. We are committed to working together in a united, non-partisan effort with Congress and the Obama administration to bring aid to our states without delay, commensurate with the damage we sustained and in recognition of the importance of our economies, separate and combined.


New York and New Jersey residents share far more than a border. The two states represent a combined regional and national economic powerhouse with intersecting and overlapping interests in terms of our local economies, U.S. and world financial markets, transit and highway infrastructure and tourism. These economic and geographic factors motivate us and our Congressional delegations to make a mutual, non-partisan commitment to bringing the appropriate federal aid back to our states as expeditiously as possible.


"Our message to all people, regardless of political affiliation, is the same: We need the full funding for our aid to arrive, hopefully before the end of the year. We are sure that we will require more aid in the future, but we need this full commitment now.