July 3, 2024
Albany, NY

Governor Hochul Signs Legislation to Continue Protections for Marine Animals and Other Wildlife Populations

Governor Hochul Signs Legislation to Continue Protections for Marine Animals and Other Wildlife Populations

Legislation S.9341/A.10072 Protects Sharks From Harmful Fishing Hooks

Legislation S.9319/A.10206, S.9318/A.10347, S.9320/A.10348 and S.9340/A.10349 Extends the Authority of the Department of Environmental Conservation to Manage Scallops, American Lobster, Striped Bass and Monkfish

Legislation S.9317/A.10073 Extends the Authority for Hunting of Deer and Bears

Legislation S.9367/A.10074 Extends the Authority To Manage Migratory Game Birds

Governor Kathy Hochul today signed a legislative package that protects marine animals and wildlife populations. The legislation gives the Department of Environmental Conservation continued regulatory authorities pertaining to the cultivation of sharks, scallops, American lobster, striped bass, monkfish, migratory game birds, deer and birds.

“As we kick off the summer in New York State, I’m signing legislation to continue protecting the wildlife that makes our state so special,” Governor Hochul said. “Our animal populations are at the center of industry and culture for much of our state and serve an intrinsic purpose for all of us – we must take every measure necessary to protect them.”

Legislation S.9341/A.10072 extends the Department of Environmental Conservation’s authority to limit the taking of sharks to the use of non-stainless steel non-offset circle hooks. Legislation S.9319/A.10206, S.9318/A.10347, S.9320/A.10348, S.9340/A.10349 and S.9317/A.10073 extend the authority of the Department of Environmental Conservation to manage scallops, American lobster, striped bass, monkfish, deer and bear. Legislation S.9367/A.10074 extends the provisions of the Environmental Conservation Law that allow annual federal regulations to set the state’s migratory game bird hunting seasons and bag limits unless the state adopts regulations.

State Senator Pete Harckham said, “The dwindling shark population worldwide is attributable to overfishing and harmful stainless-steel hooks that maul these marine creatures or cause them grave internal damage. I thank Governor Hochul for signing my bill that requires inline or non-offset circular hooks that are made of non-stainless-steel material for commercial and recreational shark fishing. This will reduce needless shark mortality and put New York State in compliance with regional efforts to manage coastal shark fishing and support conservation-minded anglers.”

State Senator Kevin Thomas said, “I thank Governor Hochul for signing this essential bill. Extending the DEC's regulatory authority over scallops is crucial to protecting these fisheries. This action safeguards recreational opportunities, supports those who rely on scallops for their livelihood, and maintains the sustainability of our fisheries for future generations.”

State Senator Monica R. Martinez said, “By enhancing this regulatory authority, we are safeguarding the livelihoods of those who depend on these fisheries for both recreational and economic purposes. More importantly, we are committing to the sustainability of our fisheries, ensuring they remain vibrant and accessible for future generations. I extend my gratitude to Governor Hochul for signing this bill into law and taking a significant step towards protecting our valuable marine resources.”

State Senator Rachel May said, “New York is blessed with valuable natural resources and diverse wildlife. It is our responsibility to appreciate and protect these gifts for future generations. My bill is essential for the responsible management of our state's wildlife and conservation efforts. Thank you to Governor Hochul for signing my bill and leading the effort to preserve New York's wildlife and natural beauty.”

Assemblymember Fred W. Thiele, Jr said, “Our marine resources are critical to both our environment and our economy, especially across Long Island. The commercial and recreational fishing industries create jobs and foster traditions that span generations. The legislation which I sponsored, which the Governor signs today, will ensure that New York strikes the right balance in managing these resources. It is imperative that responsible management provides for both economic and environmental sustainability. The actions of the Governor today are a major step in fostering these goals.”

Assemblymember Gina L. Sillitti said, “Extending the DEC's regulatory authority to manage scallops is essential to preserving Long Island's historic scallop fishing industry, ensuring sustainability for recreational and economic benefits for future generations.”

Assemblymember Deborah J. Glick said, “As we see more species challenged by the dual threats of climate change and habitat loss, I applaud Governor Hochul for ensuring the Department of Environmental Conservation has the authority and tools it needs to protect vital marine life and other wildlife. New York is fortunate to have such diverse areas of the state that are home to different types of species each requiring careful monitoring and management to guarantee their continued well being. These measures are vital to maintain healthy ecosystems & support strong populations of these animals.”

Assemblymember William Conrad said, “I was pleased to once again sponsor this bill to align hunting zone boundaries with those of the federal government, as these periodic adjustments must coincide with fluctuating environmental factors. This allows us to afford appropriate hunting opportunity and to help maintain wildlife habitats and ecosystem health. New York is a naturally wondrous state, and it's a privilege to do what we can as lawmakers to ensure that is forever the case.”

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