July 22, 2014
Albany, NY

Governor Cuomo Signs Legislation Creating St. Lawrence Wine Trail

TOP Governor Cuomo Signs Legislation Creating St....

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the designation of specific portions of roadway throughout St. Lawrence County as the "St. Lawrence Wine Trail" in recognition and promotion of the region's growing wine industry. The designation, which is New York's 18th official wine trail and marked by signs along seven highways, will raise awareness of the vineyards and wineries in this corner of the State and attract new visitors to St. Lawrence County.


"New York produces some of the best wines in the nation and with our support, the sky is the limit for this vital industry," said Governor Cuomo. "The St. Lawrence Wine Trail will guide visitors to extraordinary wine, boosting Upstate tourism and growing the local economy. This trail designation will help visitors to the region discover the gem that is St. Lawrence Countys growing wine industry."


The St. Lawrence Wine Trail follows portions of County Route 6, State Route 37, County Routes 27 and 10, State Route 68, U.S. Route 11, and State Route 11-C, all within St. Lawrence County.


Senate Agriculture Committee Chair Senator Patty Ritchie, sponsor of the bill, said, "New York States wine industry has seen significant growth in recent years, and this legislation represents an opportunity for the North Country to capitalize on that boom by literally putting our wineries on the map for both locals and tourists to easily find and visit. This measure will boost business for local establishments, help to create jobs and encourage even more wineries to open and join the ranks of the fine establishments on the new St. Lawrence Wine Trail."


Assembly Member Addie J. Russell said, "The St. Lawrence Wine Trail will help more visitors find their way through the North Country, as well as highlight the tremendous success of our flourishing wine industry. I thank Governor Cuomo for his support in promoting one of this region's unique strengths and look forward to welcoming many visitors following the Trail."


St. Lawrence County Legislative Chairman Jonathan Putney said, "The St. Lawrence Wine Trail is a welcome addition to the roadways throughout our area. The Trail will elevate our vibrant wine production by ultimately bringing more visitors to buy world-class products from small businesses, continuing to enrich our communities and strengthen the economy. I applaud Governor Cuomo for continuing to support St. Lawrence County and the wine industry, and Senator Ritchie and Assembly Member Russell for sponsoring this bill."