July 30, 2011
Albany, NY

Governor Cuomo to Sign Law to Prohibit Sale of Child Products Containing Dangerous Chemicals

TOP Governor Cuomo to Sign Law to Prohibit Sale of...

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced he will sign a law to prohibit the sale of child care products containing the flame retardant chemical TRIS which has been known to cause cancer in test animals and has been banned for decades from childrens clothing.


"This new law will continue our efforts to protect children from potentially hazardous chemicals," Governor Cuomo said. "For years this product has been known as a potential carcinogenic and appropriately banned from children's clothing, and it is long overdue that we extend these protections to other child care products. I thank the sponsors of this legislation, Senator Grisanti and Assemblyman Sweeney, for their work to ensure New York's children are protected from chemicals that could cause them harm."


The legislation bans the sale of any consumer merchandise intended for use by children under three, such as baby toys, car seats, crib mattresses and strollers, if the product contains the TRIS chemical. Violators would be charged $1,000 per day for a first violation and up to $2,500 for a second violation. Since 1977, TRIS has been banned from use in childrens clothing, although its low cost has led to a proliferation of its use in baby gear including strollers, nursing pillows and rocking chair foam. The law applies to any products sold after December 1, 2013.


Senator Mark Grisanti said, "It is shocking that a chemical known to cause cancer in test animals has been used so widely in child care products. The signing of this bill is a major step forward in protecting our children from the dangers of TRIS, and parents should welcome this new safeguard as an important cautionary measure for the future health of children across the state. I commend Governor Cuomo's leadership in signing legislation that protects children from harmful substances."


Assemblyman Robert Sweeney said, "Children are more sensitive to and are at increased risk from chemical exposure. The passage of this legislation is an important step to protect children from unnecessary health risks caused by chemicals found in products designed for young children. There are safer alternatives to TRIS that do not have the same health concerns."