January 10, 2017
Albany, NY

Governor Cuomo Presents 21st Proposal of 2017 State of the State: Build the Town of Woodbury Transit and Economic Development Hub

TOP Governor Cuomo Presents 21st Proposal of 2017...

Improves Access and Reduces Traffic Surrounding Regional Economic Driver Woodbury Common

Accelerates $150 Million Project to Expand Route 32 Corridor

Major Reconstruction Project Will Create Nearly 600 Jobs

Includes Solar-Powered Bus Station to Promote Public Transit



Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the acceleration of a $150 million reconstruction project to build the Town of Woodbury Transit and Economic Development Hub. Due to its connection to Woodbury Common Premium Outlets, a regional economic engine, the Route 17/32 corridor is plagued by extremely high seasonal traffic, and the resulting congestion and travel delays stifle additional economic development in the area. The project, which will create nearly 600 jobs, will expand the Route 32 corridor, replace the Route 32 bridge over Route 17, reconfigure the ramp leading to the New York State Thruway, and add a solar-powered bus station and a commuter parking lot and an interconnected traffic system to improve access and allow for increased commercial activity.



“Woodbury Common plays a critical role in the economic vitality of the region, but traffic congestion and aging infrastructure restricts further potential for growth in the surrounding community," Governor Cuomo said. "This project will provide a streamlined, state-of-the-art transportation network to free up congestion, improve the quality of life for residents, and create more opportunities for economic growth in Woodbury and in the entire Mid-Hudson Valley."

To improve mobility and traffic patterns, the project will include:

  • Improved access to Woodbury Common Premium Outlets
  • Replacing the Route 32 bridge over Route 17, which will include standard Interstate height clearance over Route 17 
  • Reconstruction and expansion of Park and Ride facilities which will include a bus stop and solar-powered bus station to promote public transit
  • Reconfiguring the Route 17, Exit 131 eastbound ramp leading to the Thruway
  • A new interconnected and adaptive traffic signal system along Route 32 to minimize delays and enhance access to local businesses and schools
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems to optimize traffic conditions

Woodbury Common Premium Outlets plays an important role in the regional economy creating job, driving tourism, and raising local tax revenue. However, local residents, commuters, and shoppers all are negatively impacted by severe traffic congestion on State Route 32 at the Route 17 Exit 131 interchange, which serves more than 70,000 vehicles daily. The interchange routinely swells to even higher traffic volumes during peak seasonal shopping seasons. Congestion contributes to high accident rates, unnecessary vehicle idling associated with air quality impacts and limits additional economic development opportunities in the region, while impacting regional freight-goods.

This project will reduce travel time for drivers and transit rail and bus riders by relieving congestion while significantly improving access and reduce bottlenecks. Commuter bus usage will increase from the improved commuter parking facilities, allowing commuters to spend less time traveling to work, reducing carbon emissions and lowering vehicle operating costs.

The RFQ for the project will be issued next month. Construction of the project will begin this year and create nearly 600 jobs.

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