February 15, 2012
Albany, NY

Governor Cuomo Launches Program to Recruit Young Professionals and College Students to Serve in State Government

TOP Governor Cuomo Launches Program to Recruit...

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today launched the New New York Leaders Initiative, a two-part program that will recruit talented young professionals and college students to serve in state government.


The New New York Leaders Initiative is composed of the Empire State Fellows Program and the Student Intern Program. Both are designed to attract a diverse group of talented leaders, including those from underrepresented groups, to state government to become the next generation of policy makers.


"The New New York Leaders Initiative will help shape tomorrows leaders by giving young New Yorkers from every community an opportunity to work in the highest levels of state government," Governor Cuomo said. "I invite students and talented professionals who are interested in working for the people to apply to these programs and be a part of building a New New York with us."


The Empire State Fellows Program


The Empire State Fellows Program will create a unique training ground to prepare an elite group of professionals for policy-making roles in New York State government. Governor Cuomo will appoint each Empire Fellow to a position in the New York State executive branch where they will work closely with a senior administration official and participate in the policy decisions that transform our state. Although the fellowship is a two year program, it is anticipated that the most promising fellows will continue to serve in New York State government after completing the program.


Governor Cuomo will appoint a panel of judges to select the best and the brightest applicants to participate in the Empire State Fellows Program. The panel will analyze each applicant's leadership potential, professional accomplishment and academic achievement, while matching their skills with the needs of New York State government.


While learning first-hand about state government, Empire Fellows will engage in unique educational and professional development programs. The Rockefeller Institute at SUNY Albany has collaborated with the administration to develop a groundbreaking educational program.


Carl McCall, Chairman of the SUNY Board of Trustees, said, "Our entire state will benefit from the new talent and ideas that will come into government through the New New York Leaders Initiative. This groundbreaking program will create a new generation of policy makers to lead New York State in the future, and help ensure that government recruits top talent from all communities. I commend Governor Cuomo for taking the lead on this important program."


Candidates will be selected on the basis of their academic and professional experience, demonstrated leadership potential, commitment to public service, communication skills, and creativity. Applicants should have an advanced degree and at least three years of professional work experience. An applicant with only a Bachelors degree may be considered if he or she has substantial professional achievements. Candidates must be United States citizens. Current New York State employees are ineligible for the Empire State Fellows Program.


Candidates interested in applying to the Empire State Fellows Program should visit www.NewNYLeaders.com to learn more.


The Student Intern Program


The Student Intern Program is a first of its kind in New York, introducing young people to public service, while teaching them about the work of governing. Each student will be assigned to an Executive Branch agency or department where they will enjoy hands-on experience working to improve the lives of New Yorkers and interacting with government leaders. Interns who dedicate more than 200 hours to serving New York will receive a certificate from the Governor commending them for their service.


While taking part in the work of government, Student Interns will be invited to presentations, panel discussions, and policy debates presented by Empire Fellows. In addition, Student Interns will participate in educational tours that introduce them to the operations of participating state agencies. Interns will also learn from their peers through small working groups, which will provide a forum for interns to learn about other executive agencies and discuss career development strategies.


Undergraduate students must be currently enrolled at a degree-granting two or four-year College or University with a minimum of one year as a student and a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.5. Completion of one years worth of academic credits over a more extended period of time may qualify part-time students for participation in the Student Intern Program. Applicants may come from any academic discipline.


Csar Perales, New York Secretary of State, said, "This administration clearly understands the importance of investing in new policy-makers and I applaud the Governor for launching what I have no doubt will be a very successful leadership training program."


Although monetary compensation is not available for student interns, some colleges and universities may grant educational credit. Candidates interested in applying to the Student Intern Program should visit www.NewNYLeaders.com to learn more.

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