July 6, 2016
Albany, NY

Governor Cuomo Directs Department of Public Service to Monitor Energy Usage as Temperatures Climb

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New York State Utility Regulator to Investigate Sudden Loss of Power at Indian Point

State Agencies Directed to Reduce Power Usage


Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today directed the New York State Department of Public Service to closely monitor statewide energy usage due to weather predictions of high temperatures and humidity for much of the week across New York State. As part of these monitoring efforts, Governor Cuomo also directed the Department to investigate the cause of an unexpected shut down of Indian Point 2 earlier today, which was not heat-related. The Department will evaluate the cause of the shut down and assess steps that should be taken to avoid future events.

The ongoing heat event is having a direct and immediate impact on electricity usage. At this point in time, the system has enough resources to maintain reliability. However, residential and business consumers are encouraged to seek ways to reduce their energy usage, where possible. To help lower demand, Governor Cuomo has directed that all State agencies immediately lower their energy usage by turning off lights, raising air conditioning temperatures, closing window shades, and powering down unused computers, printers and other electrical devices.

As a result of the high demand on the electric system, DPS staff has been in communication with the State’s utilities and the New York Independent System Operator to ensure that they are prepared for any heat-related outages, including current and planned communications with customers. DPS will continue to monitor conditions and ensure that the utility companies take appropriate steps to manage the demand for energy.

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