August 29, 2013
Albany, NY

Governor Cuomo Delivers Flood aid Checks to Residents of Herkimer, Montgomery, Madison, Oneida, and Niagara Counties

TOP Governor Cuomo Delivers Flood aid Checks to...

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today issued $13.6 million in state aid checks to 1,206 homeowners, renters, businesses and farmers affected by July flooding across the Mohawk Valley, Central New York and Niagara County. The Governor today traveled to the Village of Herkimer, the City of Lockport, and the City of Oneida to personally deliver checks to dozens of New Yorkers that sustained serious losses as a result of the flooding.


In times of crisis, government should work for the people, and today I am proud to say we have. A little over a month after announcing that the State would step in to provide the help the Federal Government didnt, we are now sending checks to thousands of homeowners, renters, businesses and farmers who are still recovering from this summers floods, said Governor Cuomo. By acting quickly and efficiently to expedite the process, in a few short weeks money has begun to flow to enable residents in these communities to begin the recovery process and build back better than before.


This is the latest action taken by the Governor as part of the comprehensive assistance and delivery of aid to help the communities devastated by flooding this summer rebuild, recover and prepare for future disasters. Immediately following FEMAs decision to deny recovery funding to homeowners, the Governor announced the launch of the Mohawk Valley and 2013 Upstate Flood Recovery Program to allow residents who sustained damage to their homes to receive much needed funding and rebuild. In addition, last week, Governor Cuomo announced that, at his request, FEMA extended the application period for Public Assistance to September 10th in the counties affected by the late June/early July flooding. After the floods, the Governor also deployed the Department of Financial Services Mobile Command Center to outline resources and advice for affected families and businesses dealing with their insurance companies. Finally the Governor launched the New York Rising Communities Reconstruction program, which will deliver a total of $6 million to counties hit by summer flooding, enabling them to build more resilient infrastructure that will better protect them from future natural disasters.


Below is a county by county breakdown of the funding:


CountyChecks IssuedTotal Amount


Below is a breakdown of the funds by county, then by homeowner, renter, small businesses and farms:


CountyChecks IssuedTotal AmountHomeownersRentersSmall BusinessesFarms
Herkimer558$6,604,757.00496/ $5,659,171.8025/ $61,988.4724/ $552,902.3413/ $330,694.29
Oneida145$1,636,791.42135/ $1,208,584.661/ $10,075.265/ $250,000.004/ $168,131.50
Montgomery104$1,636,791.42135/ $1,208,584.661/ $10,075.265/ $250,000.004/ $168,131.50
Madison86$1,678,688.1865/ $1,407,290.709/ $33,365.266/ $154,759.566/ $83,272.66
Niagara313$2,276,031.13281/ $1,987,531.2924/ $50,356.017/ $237,277.751/ $886.08
Total1,206$13,615,480.961,044/ $11,200,217.2779/ $216,200.7753/ $1,464,446.4130/ $734,630.43


Additional applications are currently being processed and more checks will be issued in the coming days.


For homeowners, eligible costs include the repair and/or replacement of damage to roofs, windows, doors, siding, flooring, drywall, insulation, foundations, well and septic systems, electric systems, fuel tanks, heating and water systems, and appliances, as well as remediation of environmental hazards. Homeowners whose properties were destroyed by these floods were also eligible for a buyout of their damaged property.


For businesses, eligible costs included reimbursement for losses to inventory, equipment, materials, fixtures and furniture; as well as design, construction, rehabilitation or reconstruction of flood damaged structures.


For farms, funding was made available to help with capital repair and replacement needs.


Senate Majority Coalition Leader Dean G. Skelos said, Today, New York State is delivering on its commitment to Upstate residents whose homes and businesses were devastated by recent flooding. By stepping up and covering what the federal government would not, the State is giving the people in these hard-hit communities the ability to rebuild, move forward and get on with their lives. We will continue to stand with the residents of the Mohawk Valley and Niagara County during this difficult time.


Senate Majority Coalition Leader Jeffrey D. Klein said, Governor Cuomo and my colleagues in the legislature will always stand by New Yorkers in their time of need. It has been a tough ten months for New York homeowners, with severe storms and flooding affecting millions of residents. But by rapidly delivering aide to affected homeowners, were now able to help these communities rebuild. I commend Governor Cuomo and his administration for working hard to get these checks out so quickly and I look forward to helping more homeowners get the funds they need in the weeks and months ahead.


Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said, This state has demonstrated time and again its commitment to helping New Yorkers recover after widespread destruction. In recent years, we have learned firsthand the kind of devastation brought about by hurricanes, flooding, snow and ice storms as well as the cost and challenges that homeowners, businesses and farmers face in trying to rebuild. I am pleased to join with Governor Cuomo and my colleagues in the Legislature to expedite this funding, which will provide essential relief and accelerate the restoration of our communities affected by this years flooding.


Senator James L. Seward said, The widespread flooding that washed through communities in upstate New York earlier this summer resulted in many personal tragedies but it also reminded us of what New Yorkers are capable of when we come together. Thats a reality that was not lost on Governor Cuomo and my legislative colleagues, who worked together on behalf of the homeowners, business owners, and farmers who lost so much. The governor promised that we would not have to rebuild alone, and todays financial assistance from state government is proof that he delivers on his pledges.


Senator Hugh T. Farley said, With the delivery of state aid to homeowners, business owners, and farmers impacted by recent flooding, Governor Cuomo is showing how government can and should work for the people who need it most. The floods that washed through our communities this summer took away countless structures, possessions, and more, but this aid which the Governor promised when the possibility of federal assistance became impossible is an important step forward to rebuilding what was lost.


Senator Joseph A. Griffo said, The Governor, working with the legislature, made a commitment to New Yorkers affected by flooding earlier this summer that if the federal government did not offer individual assistance, state government would step up to the plate. Today we are delivering on that pledge by distributing needed financial resources to the homeowners, business owners, and farmers across the state who are working to rebuild their lives and get back to normal. Governor Cuomos leadership with the NYS Flood Recovery Program is proof that when we come together, government can work for the people.


Senator Cecilia Tkaczyk said, I have spent a great deal of time in Montgomery County since the flooding this summer, and have witnessed the devastation and extraordinary costs facing homeowners, businesses, and farmers. Governor Cuomo recognized the hardship these costs have created, and quickly pledged state funding to aid recovery efforts. Today we are delivering on that promise, providing financial assistance to those who need it most and showing that government can and is functioning for the good of the people in New York State.


Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara said, Over the last few months, major floods incurred significant damage in communities across the state. While FEMA was able to provide public assistance, a great number of homeowners, farmers, and business owners were left with exorbitant recovery costs. Governor Cuomo promised that they would not face the challenge of rebuilding alone, and today we are delivering on that with much needed state aid to help them back on their feet.


Assemblyman Anthony J. Brindisi said, In the aftermath of this summers flooding, residents, farmers, and business owners throughout New York State were faced with significant recovery costs. Governor Cuomo made it clear that they would not have to foot those bills alone, and today we are delivering on his pledge to provide state aid. Together we are demonstrating yet again how, in a crisis, government can continue to function for the good of our communities.


Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente said, Governor Cuomo made a commitment to the residents, farmers, and business owners of Oneida County earlier this summer. He pledged that state government would be with them as they sought to rebuild their homes and livelihoods, and today he is delivering on that promise. I am grateful to have such a dedicated partner to Oneida County in Albany, and am happy that these checks are on their way to the homeowners, farmers, and business owners that need them.


Vincent Jim Bono, Chairman of the Herkimer County Board of Supervisors, said, With the first checks issued from the Flood Recovery Program being sent out, hope is being restored to the homeowners, farmers, and business owners who have otherwise gone without public assistance as they worked to repair the damage from this summers flooding. Governor Cuomo made a bold pledge when he swore that they would not have to rebuild alone, and he has delivered on that promise. The Governor has proven that government can be there for New Yorkers when they need it the most, and his support is key to the positive rebound of our communities.


John Thayer, Chairman of the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors, said, Today the Governor has reaffirmed his commitment to the individuals and families of Montgomery County who are rebuilding their homes, farms, and businesses after losing so much in the devastating floods of this summer. With funding from the NYS Flood Recovery Program on its way, affected residents can rest easier knowing that they have the support of the Governor and state government. This aid serves as a vital source of revenue for so many struggling New Yorkers, and I am thankful to the Governor for making it a reality.


Ilion Mayor John Stephens said, Funding from the NYS Flood Recovery Program is on its way to help New Yorkers hit hardest within the Mohawk Valley by the recent flooding, which is tremendous news for our homeowners, business owners, and farmers who had otherwise gone without public assistance in their recovery efforts. When Governor Cuomo pledged that state government would aid affected individuals earlier this year as they took stock of what needed to be done, he reaffirmed the principle that government can and should work effectively for the people especially in times of great need. I am thankful for the Governors support on this front and look forward to the continued redevelopment in our community.


Little Falls Mayor Robert Peters said, Despite the damaging floods that swept through our community earlier this summer, Little Falls is hard at work on its recovery, focused on building back better than we were before. Governor Cuomos NYS Flood Recovery program has been an important part of that effort, offering much-needed aid to the farmers, homeowners, and businesses that were unable to receive federal funding and would have had to shoulder the cost of recovery alone if it werent for the Governors help. This is how government works coming together for those in need and delivering results.


Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri said, When the Federal government didn't step up, Governor Cuomo did. Andrew Cuomo listened and State government showed that it has a heart. Thank you to everyone who heard the voices of desperate and deserving people and who are responsible for the wonderful news being delivered to the residents of the Mohawk Valley.


Village of Herkimer Mayor Mark Ainsworth said, This summers flooding incurred significant damage for many of Herkimers residents and businesses. In addition to being a frequent presence during the worst of the storms, Governor Cuomo made a commitment that in the absence of federal funding, state government would step up so that our homeowners, farmers, and business owners did not have to face the challenge of rebuilding alone. Today he is delivering on that promise with aid from the NYS Flood Recovery Program, which will go a long way to helping our community build back stronger than ever before. I am grateful for the Governors assistance throughout this process, and look forward to our regions continued recovery.


Village of Frankfort Mayor Frank Morocco said, Like so many other communities throughout the Mohawk Valley, the Village of Frankfort was rattled by this summers flooding and much damage occurred not just to our infrastructure, but to homes, farms, and businesses as well. Governor Cuomo pledged to help those private citizens who were not eligible for federal disaster relief funding throughout their recovery process, and today he is delivering on that promise with aid from the NYS Flood Recovery Program. This is funding that will go a long way to paying the bills that so many homeowners, farmers, and business owners were forced to take on as they work to build back from the storms. I am grateful for the Governors support of our community throughout this effort.


German Flatts Supervisor Frank Spatto said, Through the New York State Flood Recovery Program, Governor Cuomo committed to aiding individuals in our community with the process of rebuilding after the storms of this summer. He stood up for our business owners, our farmers, and our homeowners, pledging them financial assistance that the federal government was unable to provide. Today we are distributing that funding, and proving with Governor Cuomo that government can truly work for the people.


Minden Supervisor Tom Quackenbush said, The flooding that occurred throughout the Mohawk Valley earlier this year was simply devastating, with some residents and business owners losing everything in the rising waters. Through that tragedy, Governor Cuomo was with us both in person and from a distance, and he pledged to find state resources to aid the farmers, homeowners, and business owners who were not eligible to receive FEMA funding. Today, the Governor is delivering that aid and showing that government in New York State is functioning again.


Mayor of the Village of Mohawk Jim Baron said, This summers flooding resulted in stress and hardship for many in Mohawk, but today we are turning a corner in the ongoing recovery effort. Governor Cuomos commitment to providing state aid for the homeowners, farmers, and business owners that were otherwise left on their own to rebuild and replace what was lost is an example of what government is all about helping those in need. I am thankful for the Governors constant support as we seek to build back better and stronger than ever before.


Mayor of the City of Rome, Joseph Fusco, said, In the immediate aftermath of this summers massive floods, many homeowners, farmers, and business owners in our area were left with significant cleanup and recovery costs. Governor Cuomo had a near-constant presence through the worst of the flooding, and his support continued afterwards when he pledged state aid to help individuals in our area build back and replace what had been washed away or damaged. Today he is delivering on that promise, and showing how a state government that comes together can meet the needs of all New Yorkers.


Mayor of the Village of Whitesboro, Ray Daviau, said, The flooding that impacted communities across the state earlier this summer was truly devastating and many homeowners in Whitesboro would not have been able to recover and rebuild on their own. Governor Cuomo understood that, and pledged to help even when FEMA did not. Todays event demonstrates that the Governor is fulfilling his promise state government is coming through for New Yorkers in need.


Mayor of the Village of Fort Plain, Guy Barton, said, Since the day the flood waters hit our region, Governor Cuomo has been here on the ground, ensuring every resource we need is here and that our towns and villages pull through this disaster. We are thrilled to have him here again today, bringing much needed funding to our homeowners that lost so much. On behalf of all the residents of Fort Plain, thank you to New York State and the Governor for your support and help during these difficult times.


David Haughton, a local farmer who received funding from the program, said, The floods that washed over so much of the Mohawk Valley left farmers like myself struggling under significant recovery costs that simply could not be met alone. Governor Cuomo recognized this early on, and now just a few weeks after pledging state aid, he is delivering the funding we need to get back on our feet. Thanks to the Governors leadership, state government worked for us when we needed it most.


The NYS Flood Recovery Program is a coordinated effort by the NYS Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services (NYS DHSES), NYS Homes and Community Renewal (NYS HCR) and the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets (NYS DAM)

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