December 19, 2019
Albany, NY

Governor Cuomo Calls on New York Delegation and Congress to Vote to Restore SALT Deductibility

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Today the House of Representatives will vote to restore the state and local tax - or SALT - deduction that President Trump and his Republican allies eliminated in 2017, a provision that costs New Yorkers up to $15 billion per year and penalizes our state for investing in education, health care, infrastructure and more.


"As the number one donor state, New York already sends back tens of billions of dollars more than we receive from the Federal government, and the cap on SALT deductibility took this imbalance and dramatically exacerbated it.


"This policy is an economic civil war that helps red states and big corporations at the expense of blue states, and it needs to end immediately.


"I am calling on the New York delegation and Congress to come together and support the restoration of the SALT deduction so we can reverse this economic assault on New York and our model of progressive state government. Enough is enough."

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