September 23, 2011
Albany, NY

Governor Cuomo Approves and Vetoes Legislation

TOP Governor Cuomo Approves and Vetoes Legislation

Governor Cuomo today announced he has approved or vetoed the following bills:




A.141-B Paulin (MS) -- Requires a representative of veteran and alcoholism or substance abuse programs to the advisory council on alcoholism and substance abuse services 

Same as S.4582-B BALL


A.3338 Gottfried -- Relates to authorizing the seizure and confinement of animals in connection with the prevention of rabies 

Same as S.4566 FARLEY


A.6383 Lupardo (MS) -- Expands the duties of the women veterans coordinator 

Same as S.5432 BALL


A.6446 Brennan -- Increase the amount of bonds and notes for the New York state medical care facilities finance agency 

Same as S.4200 HANNON 


A.6902-A Hevesi -- Authorizes records of bodies of deceased persons to be kept by an electronic Log

Same as S.4622-A MARCELLINO


A.7368-A Dinowitz -- Relates to continuing care retirement communities 

Same as S.4738-A GOLDEN


A.8179 Gottfried -- Relates to restricting duties which may be assigned to specialist's assistants in radiology 

Same as S.5395 HANNON


A.8188-A Gibson (MS) -- Authorizes the dormitory authority to provide financing to the Primary Care Development Corporation for the construction of primary care facilities 

Same as S.5645 HANNON


S.1303 DUANE -- Requires the state office for the aging to report on the delivery of services to and needs of traditionally underserved populations in their annual report to the governor and legislature 

Same as A.880 Kellner


S.3111-B LARKIN -- Relates to establishing a certificate of still birth 

Same as A.8178-A Galef


S.3988-B LANZA -- Requires coverage of orally administered chemotherapy treatments 

Same as A.6233-B Lopez V


A.3152 Calhoun -- Increases the membership of the Orange county water authority from 5 members to 7 members 

Same as S.5437 LARKIN


A.6844-B Jeffries -- Deems certain parcels of real property in the city of New York as legally non-complying buildings for purposes of compliance with the zoning resolution of such city 

Same as S.4444-B DILAN


A.7239 Farrell -- Relates to personal income tax or corporate franchise tax overpayment 

Same as S.3944 DEFRANCISCO 


A.7697 Cusick (MS) -- Requires the development and implementation of a permit process for demonstrations at veteran and veteran family member funerals 

Same as S.3901-A ZELDIN


A.7698 Cusick -- Extends the buffer zone around a religious service, funeral, burial or memorial service 

Same as S.5605 GRIFFO


A.7729 Weinstein -- Modifies certain formulas construed to refer to the federal estate and generation-skipping transfer tax on estates of decedents dying during 2010 

Same as S.5519 BONACIC 


A.8286 Farrell -- Provides a cap on the maximum class growth rate at two and one-half percent for fiscal year 2012 

Same as S.5717 GOLDEN


S.863-B YOUNG -- Establishes a residential-commercial exemption program in certain counties 

Same as A.4643-A Burling


S.2373-A STEWART-COUSINS -- Authorizes recording officers to accept conveyance of real property presented for recording as electronic records 

Same as A.6870-A Latimer


S.3110 DEFRANCISCO -- Relates to payments of taxes in installments in certain school districts 

Same as A.6719 Magnarelli


S.4226 LANZA -- Authorizes city and village planning boards to grant more than 2 extensions of conditional approval of final plats 

Same as A.7654 Lavine


S.4253-B MAZIARZ -- Allows the county of Niagara to transfer and convey certain parcels of land located within the town of Newfane to the town of Newfane 

Same as A.6855-B Ceretto


S.4267-B O'MARA -- Authorizes Schuyler county to convey an easement through land located in Seneca Harbor Park to enable access to lakefront development 

Same as A.6724-B Friend


S.4750 LIBOUS -- Authorizes the county of Chenango to apply to the federal government to establish, operate and maintain foreign trade zones within such county 

Same as A.7248 Crouch


S.5452-B ALESI -- Authorizes the authority to develop agriculture facilities in the Genesee 

Valley Regional Market District 

Same as A.8001-B Morelle


S.5459 SEWARD -- Authorizes the village of Herkimer to finance a litigation settlement by the issuance of serial bonds and/or anticipation notes 

Same as A.8097 Butler


S.5657 SEWARD -- Authorizes the village of Ilion to finance a litigation settlement by the issuance of serial bonds and/or anticipation notes 

Same as A.8264 Butler


A.2565 Colton (MS) -- Relates to the information required by the sex offender registry 

Same as S.4146 DEFRANCISCO


A.3304-A Gottfried (MS) -- Relates to health-related legal services programs 

Same as S.5556 HANNON


A.5661 Weisenberg (MS) -- Relates to the definition, and information provided about, sex offenders 

Same as S.1521 KLEIN


A.7950 Miller M -- Requires level two sex offenders to register their employment address and relates to certain requirements of distribution of the subdirectory 

Same as S.5775 ROBACH


A.8091 Markey (MS) -- Relates to awards for victims of criminal obstruction of breathing or blood circulation 

Same as S.4084 NOZZOLIO 


A.8368-A Weinstein -- Specifies courts and types of actions in which pilot programs will be authorized to permit use of electronic means to commence an action or special proceeding 

Same as S.5635-B BONACIC 


S.4469 NOZZOLIO -- Creates new procedures in relation to revocation of orders of recognizance 

Same as A.7464 Lavine 


S.4577-A BONACIC -- Authorizes attorneys' fees to be awarded to any person that the court finds has acted to benefit the class 

Same as A.7519-A Jeffries 


S.5109 MCDONALD -- Relates to activities by former state officers 

Same as A.8111 Abbate


S.5477-A ZELDIN -- Increases disclosures of automobile brokers 

Same as A.7767-A Bing


A.2294 Clark -- Renames the New York City Transit Authority Track Safety Force to the "Daniel Boggs - Marvin Franklin New York City Transit Track Safety Force" 

Same as S.4456 SMITH


S.1347 DILAN -- Requires actual consent to participation in franchise programs 

Same as A.1191 Gantt


A.6726-A Russell -- Provides for the Beacon Institute Inc. as a public authority for certain purposes, and adds the Old Main Building at Clarkson University 

Same as S.4521-A GRIFFO


S.2987 LAVALLE -- Authorizes a new type of professional service corporation to be known as a professional service corporation 

Same as A.4581 Canestrari


S.5512 GOLDEN -- Authorizes the dormitory authority to construct and finance certain facilities of the Poly Prep Country Day School 

Same as A.8015 Brook-Krasny


S.5524 FLANAGAN -- Amends education law, creates waivers for certain institutions and repeals certain provisions of such law relating thereto 

Same as A.8282 Glick 


A.1474 Rosenthal (MS) -- Relates to the powers and duties of N.Y. state energy research and development authority (NYSERDA) with respect to collection of information regarding energy efficient outdoor lighting 

Same as S.4849 MARCELLINO


A.4729-A Reilly -- Relates to membership on regional fish and wildlife boards 

Same as S.2363-A SEWARD


A.7638-A Sweeney -- Requires lawn care companies to provide certain information to property owners prior to any commercial lawn application 

Same as S.4363-A GRISANTI


A.7765-A Moya (MS) -- Relates to net energy metering standards for non-residential customers 

Same as S.5443-A MAZIARZ


A.8265 Sweeney (MS) -- Adds certain lands within the Carmans River watershed to the core preservation area of the Central Pine Barrens 

Same as S.5663 LAVALLE


S.1149-A PARKER -- Relates to net energy metering for micro-hydroelectric generating equipment 

Same as A.28-A Cahill


S.3791 GRISANTI -- Requires the modification of the New York State Stormwater Management Design Manual by the department of environmental conservation 

Same as A.6544 Hoyt


S.5396 LIBOUS -- Relates to powers of the agency; allows agency to exercise powers when its obligations are purchased by certain financial institutions 

Same as A.7641 Bing


A.7851 Pretlow -- Authorizes the conducting of event games by organizations authorized to conduct games of chance 

Same as S.5326 LARKIN


S.4308 DEFRANCISCO -- Allows a professional service limited liability company to be surviving business entity in the case of a merger with a professional service corporation 

Same as A.678 Magnarelli


A.2129-B Lancman -- Enacts the juvenile justice worker protection act relating to the definition of public employers 

Same as S.4940-B YOUNG


A.7605-A Abbate -- Relates to treatment of member contributions in accordance with the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code 

Same as S.5837 GOLDEN


A.8270 Galef -- Allows the Town of Kent to reopen the optional retirement plan offered under section 384-d of the retirement and social security law to police sergeant Jerry R. Raneri 

Same as S.5668 BALL


S.3401 GOLDEN -- Relates to right of vested members of the New York state teachers' retirement system to withdraw from such system 

Same as A.5368 Abbate 


S.3402 GOLDEN -- Authorizes the eight New York state public retirement systems to increase their asset investments in real property to ten percent 

Same as A.5369 Abbate 


S.5558 BALL -- Provides death benefits and health insurance coverage to eligible survivors of public employees who die while ordered to service in the uniformed services 

Same as A.7835-B Abbate 


S.5719-A LIBOUS -- Authorizes the county of Broome to offer an optional twenty year retirement plan to deputy sheriffs Richard Merrell and Frederick Akshar 

Same as A.8424 Crouch


S.4807 LANZA -- Relates to conveyance of lands for the establishment of Gateway National Recreational Area 

Same as A.5765 Tobacco


A.6686-B Wright -- Relates to the rates of payment for the treatment and care of injured employees 

Same as S.4559-B ROBACH


S.4161 LITTLE -- Establishes local notification requirements for premises for on premises consumption; repealer 

Same as A.6732 Bing


A.20 Cahill (MS) -- Authorizes commissioner of agriculture and markets to render an opinion to 

government officials on land use regulations pertaining to agricultural practices 

Same as S.3626 SALAND


A.7445 Lavine -- Provides a cure period in regulations affecting small businesses and local governments 

Same as S.4816 CARLUCCI


S.3649-A GALLIVAN -- Relates to the destruction of seized and forfeited cigarettes and tobacco products 

Same as A.451-B Dinowitz


S.4820 CARLUCCI -- Relates to materials incorporated by reference into regulations 

Same as A.7444 Lavine


S.5415-A FUSCHILLO -- Extends provisions relating to the membership composition of the metropolitan transportation authority board 

Same as A.7898 Millman


S.5656 HANNON -- Relates to the powers and duties of the dormitory authority relative to the establishment of subsidiaries for certain purposes 

Same as A.6445 Brennan 



A.4899-A Rosenthal (MS) -- Requires the provision of a model health care proxy form to individuals applying for medical assistance 

Same as S.4830-A GALLIVAN


A.8322 Schroeder (MS) -- Relates to designating the ombudsman as an employee of the commissioner on quality of care and advocacy for persons with disabilities 

Same as S.5792 MCDONALD


S.5637 DEFRANCISCO -- Defines and exempts electronic news sources and periodicals from sales and compensating use taxes 

Same as A.8223-A Farrell


A.628-A Weinstein (MS) -- Establishes an address confidentiality program in the office of the secretary of state for domestic violence victims who need to maintain secrecy of their location 

Same as S.5293 BALL


A.2349-A Weinstein (MS) -- Directs municipal police training council to establish policies and procedures for police officers, relating to investigation of and intervention into sex offenses 

Same as S.4895 SALAND


A.8170-B Perry (MS) -- Creates an educational reform program and a diversionary program for juveniles who are charged with offenses involving a photograph depicting nudity 

Same as S.5253-B HANNON


S.4946-A GALLIVAN -- Authorizes local correctional facilities to house out of state inmates 

Same as A.8238 Aubry


A.113-A Paulin (MS) -- Relates to the public library construction grant program 

Same as S.4101-A FARLEY


A.8068-A Russell -- Creates the Norwood Public Library, a public library district including the areas of the towns of Potsdam and Stockholm that lie within the Norwood-Norfolk school district 

Same as S.5481-A GRIFFO


S.587-A KLEIN -- Directs the chancellor of the city school district of city over 1 million to inventory and report on the outdoor schoolyards of such district 

Same as A.7230-A Nolan


A.408 Hoyt (MS) -- Provides for the lapse of oil and gas interests located within Allegany state 

park if unused for 20 years prior to effective date of act 

Same as S.2779 YOUNG


S.4720 YOUNG -- Relates to oil and gas drilling in Allegany state park 

Same as A.393-A Hoyt


S.3579 BONACIC -- Relates to the definition of rural areas 

Same as A.6280 Magee


A.5744-A Abbate -- Provides that a member with at least 20 years of creditable police or fire service in the retirement system shall not be precluded from any rights 

Same as S.5653 RULES COM


A.7358-A Morelle (MS) -- Prohibits private transfer fee obligations; requires disclosure of existing private transfer fee obligations 

Same as S.5203-A LIBOUS


A.356 Hoyt (MS) -- Prohibits state officers and employees from using the thruway system without paying tolls during non-working hours 

Same as S.175 MAZIARZ


A.7445 Lavine -- Provides a cure period in regulations affecting small businesses and local governments 

Same as S.4816 CARLUCCI


A.8283 Abbate -- Extends the effectiveness of the toll plaza air quality task force through April 1, 2012 

Same as S.5755 RULES COM


S.4621-A YOUNG -- Increases to thirty-one members the state emergency medical advisory committee of the state emergency medical services council 

Same as A.7311-A Gabryszak


S.4844-A MAZIARZ -- Directs the office of parks, recreation and historic preservation to allow Nik Wallenda to traverse the Niagara River Gorge on a high wire 

Same as A.8206-A Gabryszak


S.5672-A ESPAILLAT -- Relates to advertising in a language other than English by notaries public 

Same as A.7682-B Linares


S.5793 MCDONALD -- Relates to providing notice of abuse investigations at mental hygiene agencies 

Same as A.8324 Ortiz


S.5795 MCDONALD -- Relates to reporting of crimes at mental hygiene facilities 

Same as A.8325 Ortiz




A.2059 DenDekker -- Adds representatives of a dual diagnosis program to the advisory council on alcoholism and substance abuse services 

Same as S.3251 KLEIN


A.4161 Pretlow (MS) -- Enacts the accessible electronic information act for blind and disabled persons 

Same as S.1053 PARKER


A.8248 Gottfried -- Provides for the payment of capitated rates for services provided by assisted living programs, whether freestanding or not 

Same as S.4918-A HANNON


S.4563-A SAVINO -- Relates to the practice of surgical technology and surgical technologists 

Same as A.6539-B Cahill


S.5317 FUSCHILLO -- Requires a warning to be printed on baby-bottle and sippy cup packaging concerning tooth decay 

Same as A.7714 Abbate


S.5431-A YOUNG -- Relates to payments to rural critical access hospitals 

Same as A.5366-B Russell 


A.7672 Sweeney (MS) -- Provides reimbursement to fire companies for costs associated with responding to spills of hazardous materials 

Same as S.5444 ZELDIN


S.3403 FLANAGAN -- Provides procedures for resolution of disputes between a public employer and Suffolk county probation officers 

Same as A.5389 Abbate


A.4362-C Morelle (MS) -- Relates to offenses relating to possession or sale of fireworks, sparkling devices and ammunition 

Same as S.4529-D NOZZOLIO


A.7599-B Robinson -- Relates to warrants and orders of protection in persons in need of supervision cases 

Same as S.4050-B GALLIVAN 


A.3127-A O'Donnell -- Relates to contracts for transportation of children 

Same as S.1368-A DILAN


A.777-A Latimer -- Authorizes approval of certain transportation contracts of the Port Chester-Rye union free school district 

Same as S.3482-A OPPENHEIMER


A.5689 Latimer -- Authorizes approval of certain transportation contracts of the Mamaroneck union free school district 

Same as S.3467 OPPENHEIMER


A.7592-A Ramos -- Directs the education department to issue certain state aid to the Central Islip U.F. School District for certain capital construction projects 

Same as S.4723-B ZELDIN


S.2776 YOUNG -- Authorizes the Fredonia central school district to receive state aid for certain approved capital funded projects 

Same as A.6217 Goodell


S.3716 LAVALLE -- Legalizes actions of the Rocky Point union free school district with respect to certain building aid contracts 

Same as A.5818 Losquadro


S.4564 FARLEY -- Legalizes, validates, ratifies and confirms certain transportation contracts of the Schenectady city school district 

Same as A.7730 Amedore


S.4935-B JOHNSON -- Authorizes the Babylon union free school district to receive state aid for a certain approved capital funded project 

Same as A.7995-B Boyle


S.4991-B HANNON -- Establishes the clinical information resource access program to provide information to medical institutions and facilities 

Same as A.8202 Bing


S.5701 FLANAGAN -- Relates to validating actions taken by the Smithtown Central School District regarding capital improvements eligible for state aid 

Same as A.8119 Fitzpatrick


A.468 Gunther (MS) -- Directs the review of the west of Hudson River New York city drinking water supply system program 

Same as S.5828 BALL


S.511-A MAZIARZ -- Directs NYSERDA to undertake a statewide study of consumer behaviors with respect to energy efficiency and clean energy technology 

Same as A.42-A Hevesi


A.3146 Calhoun -- Requires signatures for payments in lieu of taxes for project in the town of Chester 

Same as S.5666 LARKIN


A.3722-A Russell (MS) -- Establishes the New York state War of 1812 200th anniversary commemoration commission to promote the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 

Same as S.4025-A MAZIARZ


A.241 Latimer (MS) -- Establishes the green jobs workforce subcommittee of the state workforce investment board 

Same as S.5355 KENNEDY


A.4954 Abbate -- Provides continuous health insurance coverage to spouse or dependents of public employees who are injured in the performance of duty or taken ill as a result of duty 

Same as S.5098 GOLDEN


A.5785 Abbate -- Provides for health insurance and supplemental benefits to retirees of the New York city off track betting corporation 

Same as S.4489 RULES COM


A.160-A Cahill (MS) -- Permits persons licensed to sell wine at retail for consumption on the 

premises to sell certain low alcohol beverages 

Same as S.4242-B LARKIN


A.3320 Hoyt -- Requires state agencies who contract to disseminate advertising material to exclude material which relates to the agency's mission 

Same as S.3335 LANZA


A.7480-A DenDekker -- Relates to an annual report detailing the use of temporary employees by state agencies and public authorities 

Same as S.4987 GOLDEN


S.372-A MONTGOMERY -- Relates to requiring reports by state agencies relating to certain grants and expenditures made to community based organizations 

Same as A.7993-A Barron


S.1072 DEFRANCISCO -- Enacts the "taxpayer advocate act" to create the office of taxpayer advocate 

Same as A.6429 Kavanagh


S.3184-A LITTLE -- Relates to procedures, practices, and standards for actions by the office of medicaid inspector general and social services districts 

Same as A.5686-A Gottfried