July 21, 2011
Albany, NY

Governor Cuomo Approves And Vetoes Legislation

TOP Governor Cuomo Approves And Vetoes Legislation



Chapter 148

Gunther -- Establishes the crimes of menacing and assault on a judge

Same as S 2143-D BONACIC

A475 Chapter 149

Gunther (MS) -- Relates to the required biennial examination of bus drivers

Same as S 4999 HANNON

A766A Chapter 150

Gantt -- Authorizes the commissioner of general services to release a right of reverter in letters patent conveying certain land located in the city of Buffalo

Same as S 1737-B GRISANTI

A1410A Chapter 151

Thiele -- Relates to personal watercraft and certain safety provisions that require their use Same as S 1457-A LAVALLE

A1428B Chapter 152

Castelli -- Relates to abolition of positions occupied by public employees absent on military duty Same as S 4583-A BALL

A1747 Chapter 153

Gunther (MS) -- Authorizes nurse practitioners to sign death certificates in like manner as physicians and imposes upon nurse practitioners the same duties that physicians have

Same as S 325 MONTGOMERY

A2063C Chapter 154

APPROVAL #4 Gottfried (MS) -- Provides limitations on use of evidence obtained in connection with a person seeking or receiving health care for a drug overdose Same as S 4454-B DEFRANCISCO

A2440 Chapter 155

Lentol -- Relates to providing financing and construction of capital facilities for Williamsburg Infant and Early Childhood Development Center Same as S 3339 DILAN

A4163A Chapter 156

Ramos -- Authorizes the commissioner of general services to convey an abandoned state armory to the Bay Shore union free school district Same as S 2635-A JOHNSON

A4731 Chapter 157

Titone (MS) -- Prohibits the co-mingling of adolescent and adult patients in office of mental health run residential facilities Same as S 3745 LANZA

A5347A Chapter 158

Thiele (MS) -- Relates to harvesting surf clams and ocean quahogs Same as S 4072-A ZELDIN

A5375 Chapter 159

Lopez V -- Prohibits the interruption of service during review of an application by the loft board Same as S 4035 GOLDEN

A5600A Chapter 160

Nolan -- Continues the authority of the commissioner of education to exempt discretionary grants from the procedures for award of state contracts Same as S 3418-A FLANAGAN

A6068 Chapter 161

Markey (MS) -- Increases certain special accidental death benefits Same as S 3994-A GOLDEN

A6320C Chapter 162

Lupardo (MS) -- Relates to the establishment of centers of excellence program Same as S 5223-B LIBOUS

A6331 Chapter 163

Titus -- Provides for the extension of current exemptions of income and resources to qualify for public assistance programs Same as S 4498 GALLIVANDepartmental Bill # 24Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (Internal # 4 - 2011)

A6462 Chapter 164

Weisenberg -- Relates to allowing certain special assessing units other than cities to adjust their current base proportions Same as S 5002 MARTINS

A6695 Chapter 165

Rodriguez -- Allows license to sell liquors at retail for consumption on certain premises Same as S 2009 PERKINS

A7241 Chapter 166

Sayward -- Includes the Sacandaga River within the definition of inland waterways for the purposes of waterfront revitalization Same as S 4763 FARLEY

A7343A Chapter 167

Gottfried -- Relating to extending the provisions of the Family Health Care Decisions act Same as S 5259-A HANNON

A7439A Chapter 168

Gottfried -- Relates to content of pre-admission reports for persons entering assisted living residences Same as S 4894-A HANNON

A7453A Chapter 169

Millman -- Relates to the requirement to lock voting machines Same as S 5385 GALLIVAN

A7469 Chapter 170

Schimel -- Relates to the types of voting machines used in certain elections Same as S 5055-A MARTINS

A7561B Chapter 171

Abbate -- Authorizes members of the New York state and local police and fire retirement system in active service to borrow against contributions Same as S 5836 GOLDEN

A7630 Chapter 172

Wright (MS) -- Extends the validity of child performer work permits to one year Same as S 3965 ROBACHDepartmental Bill # 39Department of Labor (Internal # 10 - 2011)

A7637 Chapter 173

Magee -- Authorizes permanent hunting in the county of Madison Same as S 5082-A VALESKY

A7665B Chapter 174

Russell -- Eliminates requirement for prior approval of certain hospital repair and maintenance construction projects Same as S 4992-A HANNON

A7852A Chapter 175

Pretlow -- Relates to extending certain provisions of law relating to the New York state thoroughbred breeding and development fund Same as S 3949-B BONACIC

A7869A Chapter 176

Lentol -- Relates to criminal trespass on railroad property and rights of way Same as S 3451-B FUSCHILLO

A7930 Chapter 177

Aubry -- Creates new delivery of sentence commitment documents Same as S 5542 SALANDDepartmental Bill # 54Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (Internal # 3 - 2011)

A7943 Chapter 178

Gunther -- Relates to the junior archery license Same as S 5442 MAZIARZ

A8007 Chapter 179

Weinstein -- Provides that any grant or gift of money to the unified court system shall be disposed of by the chief administrator of the courts in the manner provided by law Same as S 5449 DEFRANCISCOOffice of Court Administration (Internal # 51 - 2011)

A8012 Chapter 180

Abbate -- Relates to the rate of regular interest used in the actuarial valuation of liabilities for the purpose of calculating contributions to retirement systems Same as S 5485 GOLDEN

A8014B Chapter 181

Canestrari -- Authorizes the city of Rensselaer to discontinue use of certain park land and convey such land in exchange for land to be used for park purposes Same as S 5511-B MCDONALD

A8105 Chapter 182

Scarborough -- Relates to certain powers and duties of the superintendent of banks Same as S 5464 GRIFFODepartmental Bill # 51 Banking Department (Internal # 7 - 2011)

A8133 Chapter 183

Latimer -- Relates to health insurance coverage for sole proprietors Same as S 5561 SEWARD

A8159A Chapter 184

Glick -- Authorizes performance of credit, security clearance and criminal background checks of employees of the New York state higher education services corporation Same as S 3987-B LAVALLEDepartmental Bill # 22Higher Education Services Corporation (Internal # 2 - 2011)

A8242 Chapter 185

Lopez V -- Provides authority for the NYC housing development corporation to acquire certain mortgage loans made by the city Same as S 5649 YOUNG

A8247A Chapter 186

Lentol -- Relates to the prosecution of separate offenses based on the same criminal act Same as S 5776 GOLDENDepartment of Law (Internal # 3 - 2011)

A8298 Chapter 187

Glick -- Relates to application for a waiver for entities providing certain professional services Same as S 5713 JOHNSON

A8357 Chapter 188

Titone -- Prohibits co-mingling of adolescent and adult patients in certain hospitals licensed by the office of mental health; repealer Same as S 5678 LANZA

A8445 Chapter 189

Farrell -- Relates to stipends and funds for the state university of New York Same as S 5778 ROBACHGovernor Program # 16


Chapter 190

BRESLIN -- Authorizes the town of Guilderland, county of Albany, to elect a third town justice Same as A 899 McEneny


Chapter 191

DIAZ -- Relates to prostitution offenses occurring within one thousand feet of school grounds Same as A 2264-B Crespo

S3252B Chapter 192

PERKINS -- Authorizes certain health care professionals licensed to practice in other jurisdictions to practice in this state in connection with specified events Same as A 4884-B Bing

S3470 Chapter 193

OPPENHEIMER -- Amends the civil penalties authorized to be levied by local boards of health Same as A 346 Paulin

S3488 Chapter 194

NOZZOLIO -- Authorizes town of Webster, Monroe County, to discontinue the use of certain lands as parklands Same as A 6019 Johns

S3914A Chapter 195

MAZIARZ -- Relates to the composition, responsibilities and discretion of the state energy planning board and makes technical changes related thereto Same as A 8316 CahillDepartmental Bill # 23Energy Research Development Authority (Internal # 1 - 2011)

S4014A Chapter 196

MARCELLINO -- Expands the types of agreements that can be used to show control of premises for a license Same as A 8318 SchimmingerDepartmental Bill # 4 State Liquor Authority (Internal # 6 - 2011)

S4033 Chapter 197

YOUNG -- Relates to the application and effective date of chapter 199 of the laws of 2008 Same as A 8244 Lopez VDepartmental Bill # 14Division of Housing & Community Renewal (Internal # 7 - 2011)

S4201 Chapter 198

HANNON -- Provides that the department of health may share certain information about environmentally-related diseases Same as A 7858 TitoneDepartmental Bill # 35Department of Health (Internal # 2 - 2011)

S4216 Chapter 199

OPPENHEIMER -- Extends provisions of law relating to the disposition of sales and compensating use tax revenue in the county of Westchester Same as A 6589 Latimer

S4546 Chapter 200

S4216 LAVALLE -- Extends provisions relating to the issuance of land installment purchase obligations Same as A 7061-A Thiele

S4718A Chapter 201

RITCHIE -- Relates to the memberships of country agriculture and farmland protection boards; authorization to hold conservation easements and funding for agricultural projects Same as A 7428-A MageeDepartmental Bill # 15Department of Agriculture and Markets (Internal # 2 - 2011)

S5105 Chapter 202

O'MARA -- Authorizes permanent hunting in the county of Schuyler Same as A 7380 Friend

S5106 Chapter 203

O'MARA -- Authorizes permanent hunting in the counties of Chemung, Steuben, and Yates Same as A 7381 Palmesano

S5380B Chapter 204

GOLDEN -- Authorizes health care professionals licensed in other jurisdictions and appointed by World Police and Fire Games Federation to practice in this state in connection Same as A 7936-B Abbate

S5455B Chapter 205

NOZZOLIO -- Relates to sexual conduct between a state employee and an inmate Same as A 8449 AubryDepartmental Bill # 53Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (Internal # 2 - 2011)

S5460A Chapter 206

GRIFFO -- Creates access to the wage reporting system Same as A 7911-A AbbateState Comptroller # 17

S5501 Chapter 207

STAVISKY -- Authorizes the city of New York to transfer ownership of certain parklands to Alexander's of Rego Park III, Inc. Same as A 7938 Aubry

S5507 Chapter 208

LIBOUS -- Extends until August 5, 2013, the time period within which the commissioner of transportation is authorized to transfer certain lands to the county of Broome Same as A 8226 Lupardo

S5527 Chapter 209

RULES -- Postpones expiration of certain tax rates and taxes in the city of New York Same as A 7763 Silver

S5537 Chapter 210

CARLUCCI -- Authorizes the payment of unpaid annual compensation to Helen Morahan, widow of Senator Thomas P. Morahan Same as A 8074 Zebrowski

S5562 Chapter 211

SEWARD -- Amends the definition of insurance fraud Same as A 8365 WeprinDepartmental Bill # 56Department of Financial Services (Internal # 13 - 2011)

S5564 Chapter 212

RULES -- Relates to the power of the New York State Thruway Authority to finance certain projects in connection with the canal system Same as A 6444 BrennanDepartmental Bill # 21Thruway Authority (Internal # 3 - 2011)

S5593 Chapter 213

FLANAGAN -- Relates to the Randolph Academy union free school district and the dissolution of union free school district number 3 in the town of Hamburg Same as A 8100 Schimminger

S5608 Chapter 214

RANZENHOFER -- Authorizes the town of Amherst to discontinue the use of certain town lands as parkland and to alienate and convey such lands Same as A 8215 Hayes

S5623 Chapter 215

PERALTA -- Relates to the crime of promoting prostitution in the fourth degree Same as A 8026 Moya

S5704 Chapter 216

HANNON -- Relates to providing enhanced consumer and provider protections Same as A 4102 Morelle

S5760 Chapter 217

BONACIC -- Relates to licenses issued by the division of the lottery Same as A 8245-A Pretlow

S5770 Chapter 218

DILAN -- Makes technical amendments relating to financing and construction of capital facilities for Williamsburg Infant & Early Childhood Development Center, Inc. Same as A 8444 Lentol

S5800 Chapter 219

SEWARD -- Relates to implementation of the Affordable Health Care Act Same as A 8460 StevensonDepartmental Bill # 55New York State Insurance Department (Internal # 11 - 2011)

S5851 Chapter 220

HANNON -- Eliminates the 20 visits per year limit on medical assistance coverage for speech, physical and occupational therapies to persons with traumatic brain injury Same as A 8515 Kellner


S5529AVeto 25 VALESKY Authorizes an extension of time to file a tentative assessment roll in certain towns Same as A 8125-A Magee


Veto 26

RULES Permits Triborough bridge and tunnel members of the twenty-year age fifty retirement program who have incurred contribution deficiencies to defer full repayment until 2015 Same as A 8335 Abbate