August 5, 2012
Albany, NY

Governor Cuomo Announces Support Building for New Bridge to Replace the Tappan Zee

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Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced growing support for current plans to build a new bridge with endorsements from three former Westchester County Executives, Al Del Bello, Andrew ORourke and Andy Spano along with other stakeholders and local commuters.


The choice is clear, the tolls commuters will have for a new, better transit ready bridge are roughly the same as the tolls they will have to pay repair the old Tappan Zee Bridge which will still be dangerous, congested and unable to handle any transit, said Governor Cuomo. Instead of paying more for the same bridge, its time to invest in a new better bridge that will create jobs, reduce congestion and give the region a real transit option.


When you look at the numbers, the choice is clear: We should invest in getting a better bridge for our region. At the end of the day if you are a regular commuter the difference between keeping the old, broken down bridge and buying a new better bridge is just around a dollar. After all the money we have wasted on maintaining the old bridge, its finally time to invest in building a new safer bridge that relieves congestion and last 100 years, said County Executive Al Del Bello.


There is no question that we need to finally build a new bridge to replace the tappan zee, which is dangerous and broken down. Instead of toll payers being forced to pay for repairing the old bridge, the smart responsible option is clearly investing in building a new better bridge, which will only cost regular commuters $1.20 cents more. I support Governor Cuomo's plan for building a new, transit ready bridge that will serve our region for over a century, said County Executive Andy ORourke.


Now that we finally are coming to the point where the possibility of a new bridge is becoming a reality, its important that the public understand the choices they face. Regular commuters can pay higher tolls to repair an old dilapidated bridge, unaffordable tolls for a mass transit system, or pay $8.40 to get a new, safer, transit ready bridge, with extra lanes, emergency vehicles access and a dedicated bus. These are the options facing the public, and to me the choice is clear, instead of throwing money away on repairing an old broken bridge, we should invest in a new bridge, said County Executive Andy Spano.


Its clear to me that the best option for our region is investing in building a new bridge now which will be safer, result in less congestion and be transit ready on day 1 including with dedicated bus lanes and create tens of thousands of jobs for our residents. We need a new bridge and we need it now and I am proud to support the Governor's plan to build one, said State Senator David Carlucci.


There is no question that the old Tappan Zee bridge has got to go and now, finally, Governor Cuomo has given commuters a smart responsible option for a new bridge. The regular commuter toll option of $8.40 is the right one for commuters, especially given that around a dollar more than what we would have to pay to repair the old bridge which is a traffic nightmare. By maintaining the commuter discount, the Governor has provided an affordable way for our community to get a new better bridge, said Steve Gold.


New Yorkers can see toll options, submit questions and concerns about the project through or call the toll free number, 855-TZBRIDGE. The website also features videos of the community meetings and a database of all documents created over the last 10 years on the Tappan Zee Bridge. A Twitter account has been set up for Tappan Zee project, and New Yorkers can receive updates by following @NewNYBridge.