June 28, 2012
Albany, NY

Governor Cuomo Announces Second Round of Low-Cost Power Allocations to New York City Under ReCharge New York

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Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that an additional 161 businesses and not-for-profit organizations across the state have been awarded more than 80 megawatts (MW) of low cost power in the second round of allocations under the ReCharge New York program. This round of RNY allocations is expected to generate substantial private capital investments and retain approximately 25,000 jobs.


For New York City, the New York Power Authority (NYPA) Board of Trustees this week approved allocations that total almost 6 MW of power to 18 enterprises, and are linked to more than 2,000 jobs and significant capital investments in the region. The key recipients include Alvin J. Bart & Sons in Brooklyn, Display Producers in the Bronx, and RR Donnelley and Sons in Manhattan.


"Through the NY Works program, we now have a cohesive strategy to leverage resources such as available, low-cost power, allowing businesses to create jobs and make investments in all regions of the state. These power allocations through the ReCharge New York program will provide competitive and reliable energy prices to manufacturers and other key employers, giving them the confidence to invest in their facilities and maintain and increase employment," Governor Cuomo said. "We will continue our aggressive efforts to capitalize on our low-cost power and other economic incentives to attract new businesses to New York and encourage expansion and growth in our states existing enterprises."


The allocations approved this week by the New York Power Authority (NYPA) Board of Trustees bring the total support provided by Recharge New York to 602 businesses and 76 not-for-profits. Those enterprises are expected to commit to retain nearly 385,000 jobs and undertake billions of dollars in capital investments from the approximately 680 MW that have been allocated under the ReCharge New York program to date. The low-cost power tied to the ReCharge New York program will start to be made available to customers on July 1. A complete list of the second round of power allocations is available here: http://www.governor.ny.gov/assets/documents/round2allocations.pdf


Senator Marty Golden said, "The ReCharge New York Act helps to create and retain jobs by improving our State's low cost power for jobs initiative. By working together on this program, New York is moving forward with the confidence that comes from employment, economic activity and the ability to plan future growth based on the long term commitment of stable electricity costs."


Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said, "ReCharge New York is a win-win for all New Yorkers, it will provide eligible businesses throughout the state with low-cost electricity to support economic development and create new jobs. These low-cost energy allocations stand to protect and strengthen our workforce while also helping businesses statewide with their energy costs. I commend Governor Cuomo for his leadership and commitment to revitalizing New York's economy."


Assembly Member Richard Gottfried said, "Low cost power for New York State companies benefits all New Yorkers. Investment in our business community like the ReCharge award for RR Donelly and Sons will boost our workforce and strengthen our local economy."


Assembly Member Vito Lopez said, "Creating and retaining jobs is at the heart of this initiative. In lowering the energy costs for businesses like Brooklyn's Alvin J. Bart & Sons, we are fueling New York's economic growth and recovery."


Assembly Member Catherine Nolan said, "The cost of electricity has a significant impact on economic development and employment levels. This cost saving measure will provide Karp Associates in Melville with vital assistance to lower their energy expenses. This program will enable them to expand and grow while creating new jobs. I commend Governor Cuomo for his leadership on this issue."


Assembly Member Michael Benedetto said, "The announcement of this new round of ReCharge NY allocations represents relief for our business and nonprofit communities. I am pleased to see these allocations recharging New York's economy and helping local employers like Display Producers in the Bronx."


Assembly Member Phillip Goldfeder said, "With so many people looking for work, it is crucial we do everything we can to create and keep jobs in Southern Queens and the Rockaways. Recharge NY will provide numerous businesses with affordable energy, in turn this will free up money to create and retain jobs, providing a much needed lift to our local economy."


Matthew Goldstein, Chancellor of The City University of New York and co-chair of New York City Regional Economic Development Council, said, "We commend Governor Cuomo for his exemplary leadership in working with the Legislature to create this important program. Recharge will help participating companies in the City more effectively compete in this unforgiving economy by lowering the costs they pay for electricity."


The latest allocations were recommended this week by the New York State Economic Development Power Allocation Board (EDPAB), a four-member body empowered under state law to make power recommendations to the NYPA trustees.


John R. Koelmel, who was elected this week by the NYPA Board of Trustees as the Authoritys chairman, said, "These latest allocations of low-cost power under the Recharge New York program demonstrate the New York Power Authoritys continued commitment to playing an integral role in Governor Cuomos economic revitalization and job creation efforts. We are more determined than ever to use our assets and their outputs to attract new business opportunities to New York State and foster growth in existing companies and industries."


The ReCharge New York program, which will draw upon 910 MW of low-cost energy, offers up to seven-year contracts, including at least 350 MW for upstate businesses, 200 MW for business attraction and expansion projects, and up to 100 MW for not-for-profits and small businesses.


In total, NYPA received over 1,000 applications for ReCharge New York power under Governor Cuomos "New York Open for Business" initiative through the on-line Consolidated Funding Application, requesting over 2,100 MWmore than twice the total amount available under the statutorily provided power program.


In evaluating the applications on a competitive basis, NYPA, in consultation with Regional Economic Development Councils across the state, used criteria based on capital investment commitments, job retention and creation, consistency with regional economic development council priorities, and other factors, including energy efficiency.


Also under the Recharge New York statute, NYPA is authorized to provide a transitional electric discount to any applicants that were not recommended to receive allocations, but which had been receiving benefits under NYPAs expiring Power for Jobs (PFJ) and Energy Cost Savings Benefit (ECSB) programsthe predecessor programs to ReCharge New York. Specifically, the statute authorizes NYPA to provide those customers up to 66 percent of their PFJ or ECSB energy savings during the initial two years of the RNY program and 33 percent for the two years thereafter. The NYPA trustees approved transitional discount savings for 95 applicants, valued at energy savings of up to $9 million for just the first year alone.


Gil C. Quiniones, NYPA president and chief executive officer, said, "During the course of the ramping up of the ReCharge New York Program, the Power Authority has worked aggressively to receive applications that represent a broad array of businesses and employers that will result in sustainable economic growth and employment opportunities in every region of the state. The applications were reviewed in consultation with the states 10 Regional Economic Development Councils on the basis of the competitive criteria under the ReCharge New York law, including jobs and capital investments. In helping to carry out Governor Cuomos vision for economic development, the Power Authority will continue to pursue additional opportunities to attract new businesses from available lower cost power and encourage significant business expansions that will spur job creation and private investment throughout New York."


For a list of allocations made under the Recharge New York program from the first two rounds of power allotments, visit http://www.nypa.gov/RechargeNY/default.htm.