January 31, 2018
Albany, NY

Governor Cuomo Announces Round III of Nation-Leading New NY Broadband Program to Bring High-Speed Internet Access to All New Yorkers

Governor Cuomo Announces Round III of Nation-Leading New NY Broadband Program to Bring High-Speed Internet Access to All New Yorkers

$341 Million Round III Investment Provides Last Mile Funding to Ensure High-Speed Internet Access for Every New Yorker

Broadband for All

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced Round III of the nation-leading New NY Broadband program - providing the last mile funding to ensure high-speed internet access for all New Yorkers. The $209.7 million Round III awards will provide 122,285 homes, businesses and community institutions across the state with access to high-speed Internet, driving in aggregate more than $341.8 million of public/private broadband investment. This represents the third and final round of the program and the completion of the Governor's promise to connect all New Yorkers to high-speed Internet for the first time in state history. Since the program's launch in 2015, Governor Cuomo has secured high-speed Internet upgrades for approximately 2.42 million locations statewide. These latest awards through Round III of the New NY Broadband Program will close the final gap and bring high-speed broadband to all New Yorkers in every corner of the state.

"Access to high-speed internet is critical as New York works to deliver the resources needed for industries to thrive and businesses to remain competitive in the 21st century global economy," Governor Cuomo said. "This cutting-edge program is advancing our vision to connect communities, empower entrepreneurs and residents, and support advanced technological innovation. Projects achieved through the New NY Broadband Program are a major step forward in creating the most robust broadband infrastructure network in the nation, while ensuring that reliable, high-speed internet is available to all New Yorkers."


In Round III, 43 awarded projects will address unserved territories, approximately 7,544 miles of broadband infrastructure will be deployed, and residents and companies in eight regions across New York will have access to new economic opportunities.

The following companies have been selected to receive state grants in Round III:


State Grant

Private & Federal Commitment

Total Investment

Locations Addressed

Regions Addressed

Armstrong Telecommunications, Inc.





Finger Lakes, Southern Tier, Western NY

Clarity Fiber Solutions





Central NY, Southern Tier

DTC Cable Inc.





Mohawk Valley, Southern Tier

Fairpoint Communications





Capital Region, Mid-Hudson

Frontier Communications





Finger Lakes, North Country, Southern Tier

Gtel Teleconnections





Capital Region

Haefele TV Inc.





Central NY, Southern Tier

Hudson Valley Wireless





Capital Region, Mohawk Valley

Hughes Network Systems, LLC





Capital Region, Central NY, Finger Lakes, Mid-Hudson, Mohawk Valley, North Country, Southern Tier, Western NY

Middleburgh Telephone Company (MIDTEL)





Capital Region

Mid-Hudson Data Corp.





Capital Region

Mohawk Networks, LLC





North Country

MTC Cable





Capital Region, Mid-Hudson, Mohawk Valley, Southern Tier

Otsego Electric Cooperative





Mohawk Valley

Slic Network Solutions





Capital Region, Mohawk Valley, North Country

TDS Telecom





North Country

Verizon Communications





Capital Region, Central NY, North Country, Southern Tier

Windstream New York





Western NY

All Companies





*Final awards subject to review and confirmation by the Broadband Program Office.

"This cutting-edge program is advancing our vision to connect communities, empower entrepreneurs and residents, and support advanced technological innovation."

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Round III includes awards to support an advanced satellite technology offering Internet download speeds of at least 25 Megabits per second (Mbps) to homes and other locations in the most rural parts of Upstate New York.

New NY Broadband Program

When the New NY Broadband Program was launched in 2015, 30 percent of New Yorkers - approximately 2.42 million locations - lacked access to broadband. This lack of broadband coverage was most acute in the eight upstate REDC Regions. As a result of the Program's Round I awards and additional state-secured upgrades, broadband access was expanded by more than 2.2 million locations, to 97 percent of New Yorkers. Round II awards then extended coverage to more than 80,000 locations, to 98 percent of New Yorkers. Today, with the announcement of Round III awards, the program accomplishes its mission of statewide broadband availability - providing the last mile funding to ensure all New Yorkers have access to high-speed internet by the end of 2018.

The Program set a goal of achieving statewide access to Internet download speeds of at least 100 Mbps, and 25 Mbps in the most rural and remote areas. After implementation of the commitments announced as part of the New NY Broadband Program, 99.9 percent of New Yorkers will have access to high-speed broadband - with almost 99 percent at speeds of 100 Mbps or greater. Consistent with the Program's prioritization of unserved areas, of the broadband funds deployed, nearly 90 percent of all funding was awarded to projects that will address unserved areas of the state, connecting these locations for the first time.

Through Rounds I, II and III, the Broadband Program Office has now awarded a total of 122 projects through public/private partnerships with 34 different companies. These projects will deploy broadband across nine REDC Regions, addressing unserved and underserved areas in every upstate county as well as Long Island. In total, these projects address more than 250,000 locations and will deploy more than 21,000 miles of fiber.

Empire State Development President, CEO & Commissioner Howard Zemsky said, "The New NY Broadband Program is creating an interconnected State, allowing all New Yorkers to take advantage of the 21st century economy. The Round III grants announced today will drive hundreds of millions of dollars in state and private investment, bringing high-speed internet access to businesses, schools and communities statewide."

Federal Communications Commission

In Round III, certain funded projects will also leverage up to $170 million in additional support from the federal Connect America Fund. These CAF funds were re­committed to New York State by the FCC as the result of efforts by Governor Cuomo, Empire State Development, and New York State Congressional representatives. The federal funds would potentially have been diverted to other states, but will now remain in New York.

The CAF funds were offered by the FCC directly to Verizon Communications in 2015 to connect Unserved locations throughout New York. Verizon Communications declined that offer of support. However, as a result of Governor Cuomo's broadband initiative and New York State's partnership with the FCC, Verizon Communications will once again be deploying new high-speed broadband service to unserved areas of the state. Through the Program's competitive Round III process, Verizon Communications has been awarded $70.7 million in state funding and $12 million in CAF support to address 15,515 locations across Upstate New York, including 4,968 in CAF-eligible territories. In total, 12 companies will receive more than $60 million in CAF support, to address 47,676 locations.

New York supports public/private partnerships with broadband providers of all sizes, from family-owned telephone companies and tribally-owned cable companies, to non-profit electric cooperatives and nationally recognized telecommunications firms.

Senator Betty Little said, "I applaud Round 3 awardees of the New NY Broadband Program and am proud to support the Governor's commitment to bringing internet access to all New Yorkers. By delivering this critical tool to Upstate businesses and opening doors to the 21st century economy, we are strengthening relationships across county lines while enhancing online learning and buying power of North Country residents."

Assemblymember Billy Jones said, "In this day and age, access to broadband internet is an absolute necessity. Without a reliable internet connection, students are deprived of a valuable educational resource, local businesses are unable to connect with customers and hardworking families struggle to find vital information that could make their lives easier. These awards will transform the way men and women do business, while helping educate our youngest residents in the most rural parts of the state. I thank this administration for seeing this program through."

Senator Joseph A. Griffo, Chair of the Energy and Telecommunications Committee said, "For many communities, businesses and residents across the state, access to fast and quality internet has become a necessity, especially in a time where we find ourselves more and more interconnected and dependent upon technology. High-speed internet is important for educational, economic, social and other purposes, which is why it is important that we continue to improve our state's broadband infrastructure."

Assemblymember Amy Paulin, Chair of the Assembly Committee on Corporations, Authorities and Commissions said, "Expanding access to broadband has been a top priority of this administration since day one and I applaud the Governor's efforts in bringing this transformative program to fruition. These investments are a major step in helping complete these projects, provide high-speed internet to residents across the state, and strengthen the overall economic climate of New York."

Frontier Communications Vice President of Business and Community Development Kevin Smith ($43 million Awarded to-date, Capital Region, Central NY, Finger Lakes, Mohawk Valley, Mid-Hudson, North Country, Southern Tier, Western NY) said, "The significant educational and economic opportunities that come with a broadband connection are important to New York's future, and Frontier. We are pleased to again partner with the state of New York to continue to expand broadband availability and improve speeds. Our mission is to be a long term partner to make New York the leader in broadband deployment and bring the associated benefits to its citizens."

Verizon Communications Vice President of State Government Affairs for the Tri-State Region Leecia Eve said, "We applaud Governor Cuomo for his leadership in establishing the most robust broadband program in any state in our nation. At Verizon, we don't wait for the future, we build it. This historic partnership will expand high-speed broadband access to thousands of New Yorkers and will better connect our communities. This work will be done by our highly skilled and compensated workforce and will enable all of New York State to better compete in the global economy."

Middleburgh Telephone Company President Jim Becker ($14.7 million awarded to-date, Capital Region, Mohawk Valley) said, "MIDTEL is proud to work with the NYS Broadband Program Office to bring much-needed broadband infrastructure to rural areas. Without the New NY Broadband Program and Governor Cuomo's recognition of the economic challenge of deploying broadband in rural areas, high-speed access throughout the state would not be economically viable. Without the Governor's leadership on this issue, these rural areas would remain unconnected."

Armstrong Telecommunications Regulatory Policy and Interconnection Vice President Shawn Beqaj ($83.8 million awarded to-date, Finger Lakes, Southern Tier, Western NY) said, "The key to the tremendous success of Governor Cuomo's New NY Broadband Program is the efficient and elegant structure of this program. Armstrong is proud to partner with New York State, to provide the operational expertise necessary to extend thousands of miles of fiber optic infrastructure to more than 27,000 homes across seven counties."

Empire State Development Innovation & Broadband EVP Jeffrey Nordhaus said, "The Broadband Program Office congratulates the winners Round III of the New NY Broadband Program. We are proud of the public-private partnerships forged and look forward to working with our grantees on rapidly implementing these awards to achieve nation-leading broadband levels of availability for all New Yorkers."

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