August 18, 2016
Albany, NY

Governor Cuomo Announces Re-Opening of On-Ramps to Interstate 190 at Niagara Street and Porter Avenues in Buffalo

TOP Governor Cuomo Announces Re-Opening of On-Ramps...

Reconstructed Ramps Will Help to Efficiently Manage Traffic Flow and Relieve Congestion

Marks Milestone for New York Gateway Connections Improvement Project


Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the re-opening of two ramps adjacent to the Peace Bridge Plaza in Buffalo. Closed since spring of 2016 as part of the $56.7 million New York Gateway Connections Improvement project to the Peace Bridge U.S. Plaza, the on-ramp from Niagara Street to Interstate 190 southbound, and the on-ramp from Porter Avenue to Interstate 190 northbound have both been reconstructed and reopened.

“Peace Bridge Plaza serves as an important border crossing and the tremendous progress being made will provide both local and international benefits,” Governor Cuomo said, “The completion of this project will not only improve access to the Peace Bridge but remove traffic from city streets, positively impacting both motorists and community residents alike.”

The Niagara Street ramp carrying traffic to southbound Interstate 190 was resurfaced and The Porter Avenue ramp carrying traffic to northbound Interstate 190 was reconstructed to connect to the new roundabout on Porter Avenue, allowing for the construction of a new ramp from Porter Avenue directly into the Peace Bridge Plaza on an alignment located outside of and adjacent to Front Park. Both have been reopened.

State Department of Transportation Commissioner Matthew J. Driscoll said, “Under the leadership of Governor Cuomo, the mobility of the area surrounding the Peace Bridge is being greatly enhanced. The improved access will provide a streamlined traffic flow to our international border while alleviating congestion in the surrounding neighborhoods.”

Congressman Brian Higgins said, “The opening of the on-ramps to the 190 at Niagara and Porter Streets will facilitate efficient regional and international traffic flow. An important piece of continued improvements to the Niagara Street corridor and the Peace Bridge plaza, these enhancements will encourage the flow of goods and people throughout Western New York and across our border.”

Along with the upgrades to select Interstate 190 on-ramps, this project will replace two existing dynamic message signs on Interstate 190 and install two new dynamic message signs on Interstate 190 at the exit ramp to Niagara Street and Peace Bridge Plaza. Three closed circuit TV cameras will be replaced and a new queue end warning system will be installed to manage traffic more efficiently. Work on the project began in November 2014 and project completion is scheduled for 2017.

Senator Tim Kennedy said, “Investing in our local infrastructure is the lifeblood to our economy, and as we re-open the Porter Avenue and Niagara Street on ramps to the 190, we’re grateful for the extensive progress made on behalf of drivers who use these highly trafficked roadways daily. A strong transportation structure is critical to attracting new jobs and businesses, and through the New York Gateway Connections Improvement project, we’re building a model for success for generations to come. Thank you to Governor Cuomo and the Department of Transportation for their continued commitment to seeing this project through, and for streamlining access to these communities.”

Assemblyman Sean Ryan said, "The reopening of the Niagara Street on-ramps is yet another tangible sign of progress at the Peace Bridge. The improved traffic flow will be beneficial to drivers, and will help to alleviate congestion in the surrounding West Side neighborhoods. I thank Governor Cuomo for working diligently to advance this important infrastructure project."

City of Buffalo Mayor Byron W. Brown said, “Niagara Street is one of the important gateways into downtown Buffalo. The city’s recently completed first phase of the $28.7 million multi-phase, Niagara Street Gateway Redevelopment project and the state’s completion of the New York Gateway Connections Improvement project complement one another tremendously, along with the continued upgrades and improvements to LaSalle Park. I thank Governor Cuomo for his unwavering commitment to the growth and development of the City of Buffalo.”

Governor Cuomo’s Drivers First initiatives are being employed on this project to ensure that construction causes the least impact to motorists and Peace Bridge operations. Access to and from the Peace Bridge continues to be maintained at all times during project construction.

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