April 4, 2012
Albany, NY

Governor Cuomo Announces NY Works Projects to Upgrade State Parks in New York City

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Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced a $9.7 million investment for NY Works projects to upgrade and repair two parks in New York City.New York Works is designed to reinvent state economic development with innovative new strategy that will put New Yorkers back to work rebuilding the state's infrastructure. The Task Force will help create tens of thousands of jobs by coordinating comprehensive capital plans, overseeing investment in infrastructure projects, and accelerating hundreds of critical projects across the state.


"New York State has passed for the second year in a row a transformative and balanced budget that holds the line on spending, while focusing on job creation and government efficiency," Governor Cuomo said. "The centerpiece of this budget is the New York Works program, a new strategy for leveraging capital to put New Yorkers back to work and rebuilding our aging infrastructure including the state park system that is used by so many people across the state."


State Senator Jos M. Serrano said, "State Parks have recently experienced record-breaking attendance, and these numbers will continue to grow if we focus on repairing and revitalizing their infrastructure. Roberto Clemente has been an incredible resource for community engagement and recreation in the Bronx, offering unique opportunities for city dwellers to take advantage of the great outdoors; but like most State Parks, it is in critical need of capital improvements. I greatly appreciate Governor Cuomo's commitment to State Parks, and applaud the New York Works Task Force for ensuring that one of the greatest State Park systems in the nation can continue to provide jobs, generate tourism and improve our economy."


Assemblyman Herman D. Farrell, Jr. said, "Our state parks keep our friends and families fit and active, and allow all New Yorkers to enjoy the outdoors. I am pleased to announce $5.2 million in new funding for improvements at Riverbank State Park. This is an investment in our communitys health and economy."


Assemblyman Jose Rivera said, "Beyond a new and updated facilities and infrastructure repairs, the $4.5 million budget appropriation for the Roberto Clemente State Park is an investment in this community. This multimillion dollar appropriation improves our neighborhood park and our local economy."


Assemblywoman Vanessa L. Gibson said, "Working with Governor Cuomo, I am pleased to announce $4.5 million in upgrades to Roberto Clemente State Park. This funding will make the park accessible to more families than ever before by supporting the installation of a brand new playground, the creation of a wonderful new picnic area, and the reconstruction of a baseball field. This funding will also help reinvigorate the local economy and create jobs."


The Budget continues the Governors commitment to fiscal responsibility while creating jobs and strengthening communities across the state. It closes a multi-billion dollar deficit with no new taxes, fees or gimmicks, limits spending growth to two percent or below for the second year in a row, and launches the New York Works Task Force to invest billions of dollars to rebuild the state's roads, bridges, parks, and other infrastructure and create tens of thousands of jobs.


The Budget includes key economic development and transportation initiatives, important reforms to improve government efficiency, and measures to strengthen communities across the state.


New York Works Task Force


The New York Works Task Force will coordinate capital plans across 45 agencies and authorities, oversee investment in projects and access to funding, and facilitate the creation of tens of thousands of jobs.


Prior to the New York Works initiative, there was no comprehensive state plan for the $16 billion in annual capital expenditures by 45 state agencies and authorities. In some cases, including with respect to projects by the Port Authority, the MTA, and the Department of Transportation, billions of dollars of taxpayer or commuter funds are being used to fund transportation plans in the same region with no coordination between the agencies. For the first time, the New York Works Task Force will develop a coordinated capital infrastructure plan among agencies and authorities. The Task Force, made up of leaders in finance, labor, planning and transportation will also recommend financing options for projects and methods to accelerate construction of critical infrastructure.


The New York Works Task Force will consist of fifteen members. Nine of the members will be appointed by the Governor and six by the Legislature. All major state agencies and authorities will participate in an implementation council to coordinate capital planning.


All New York Works projects will be posted on the web with real-time updates so that New Yorkers can track the progress of projects in their community. The full list will be posted online over the next several days.


Rebuilding New York's State Parks


The New York Works Fund will provide $89 million, leveraging $143 million in total funding, to rehabilitate state parks, representing the single largest infusion in history of capital dollars for New York's parks. Currently, 83% of state parks are deteriorating. Projects will be funded in every region of the state and will enhance the visitor experience and enable our state parks to reemerge after years of decline.


The New York Works Projects in New York City are as follows:


Project NameProject DescriptionTotal Project Cost
Riverbank State ParkReplace the park's deteriorated artificial turf playing field, and gymnasium floor; improve the skating rink; replace the park's deteriorated boiler system; and rehabilitate the park's infrastructure.5,200,000
Roberto Clemente State ParkInstall a new playground, create a picnic area, make improvements to the baseball field, and repair the park's infrastructure.4,500,000