August 31, 2012

Governor Cuomo Announces More Than 44,000 New Yorkers Hired Through Jobs Express Website

TOP Governor Cuomo Announces More Than 44,000 New...

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that "Jobs Express," a website designed to help New Yorkers who are seeking employment, has helped more than 44,000 individuals find work in the ten months since its launch.


Jobs Express currently has 71,000 jobs openings listed, an increase of more than 10,000 since the Governor announced the site's launch in October 2011.


"With our state recovering from the national economic recession, the Jobs Express website has been a major success, helping more than 44,000 New Yorkers connect with employment opportunities," Governor Cuomo said. "From day one, my administration has been focused on jobs, jobs, jobs, and with initiatives ranging from the NY Works program, the Regional Economic Development Councils, to Jobs Express, we have moved New York State into the forefront of finding innovative ways to grow the economy and get people back to work."


The site was launched in October of 2011 and posted 60,000 jobs. Since then, with an average of 106,000 site hits a month, employers added another 10,000 jobs. Additional job postings and site hits have resulted in 44,010 New Yorkers connecting to jobs, with approximately 8,000 employers. The Governor today encouraged employers to use the proven results of Jobs Express to post new jobs and connect to skilled and ready to work New Yorkers.


Jobs Express features videos that offer advice to job seekers and an electronic job-matching tool known as "Skills Matching and Referral Technology" (SMART), which generates job leads. The Labor Department updates job listings daily.


Edward Ernst, who found a job at HDM Hydraulics, LLC. MIG Welders in Tonawanda using Jobs Express said, "I had been laid off for quite a while and my family was struggling very hard to make ends meet. I needed help with my resume to make sure it reflected the type of work that I was qualified for. With the help of Department of Labor staff I was able to take advantage of the Governors Jobs Express initiative and followed up on the job leads that were sent to me. I landed a job with good wages and a promising future at HDM Hydraulics. Jobs Express is proof that the system works for people like me."


David Smith, who found a job at Hartman Enterprises, Inc. in Oneida using Jobs Express said, "I had been unemployed since 2009 and was receiving public assistance. I worked with staff from the One-Stop Career Center in Madison County who took a look at my skill sets and developed a job profile. My counselor found the opening at Hartman Enterprises on Jobs Express as a CNC Machinist and arranged an interview. We got the good news a few days later that they wanted to hire me immediately! Im back in the workforce and glad to be learning a new job skill and doing something that Ive never done before. My advice to folks is to take advantage of Jobs Express; it pays off in the end."


Lewis Carinci, Human Resource Director for Hartman Enterprises said, "Our company needed to find talented and skilled workers and thats just what we found using Jobs Express to find David Smith. We hired Mr. Smith and he has learned new skills and has done an excellent job. I encourage any employer to find their next worker using Jobs Express. "


The Jobs Express website takes thousands of jobs posted by employers and sorts them by region to help job seekers evaluate what industries are growing in their area and find out what opportunities are available in specific economic sectors. To visit Jobs Express, go to