October 24, 2017
Albany, NY

Governor Cuomo Announces Legislation Signed to Cut More Red Tape for NY Beverage Makers

TOP Governor Cuomo Announces Legislation Signed to...

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has signed legislation to remove barriers for businesses in New York seeking brand label registration for alcoholic beverages.

"Since day one, this administration has worked to cut red tape, lower costs and roll back burdensome regulations in order to foster more growth, more jobs and more economic activity in New York's burgeoning craft beverage sector," Governor Cuomo said. "By removing the paper requirement and providing an electronic option for companies to register for brand labels, we're building on this work, breaking down more artificial barriers for businesses, and helping to ensure the continued strength of this state's beer, wine, cider and spirits industry."

Currently, the law requires brand label registrations to be filed by certified mail, registered mail or overnight mail.

Under the bill (A.8242/ S.6120), the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law will permit brand label registration applications to be submitted electronically and filed every three years, rather than every year. The bill also permits the Authority, or third party, to charge a processing fee for electronic submissions.

Senator Terrence Murphy said, "The passage of this pro-business legislation moves the State Liquor Authority into the 21st Century by allowing for electronic submission of brand label registration applications. Furthermore, it lengthens the time of registration from one to three years. The signing of this bill sends an important message to the industry that we are modernizing our laws to make them friendlier to entrepreneurs and enthusiasts."

Assemblymember Didi Barrett said,"New York's craft beverage industry is booming thanks to legislation already passed by the state, and with the Governor's action today it will be even easier for businesses to file their brand label registrations. Allowing for online registrations and extending the registration period will give producers more time to focus on their businesses. I look forward to our beer, wine, spirits and cider businesses expanding their offerings and bringing these top-notch products to more residents and visitors than ever before."

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