November 16, 2016
Albany, NY

Governor Cuomo Announces Grand Opening of "Cool Globes" Exhibit in Lake Placid

TOP Governor Cuomo Announces Grand Opening of "...

Public Art Exhibition Raises Awareness of Climate Change

Builds on State’s Efforts Under Governor Cuomo to Protect the Environment and Grow the State’s Clean Energy Economy


Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the installation of the “Cool Globes” public art exhibit, which will run through the winter season in Lake Placid. The public art exhibition aims to raise awareness of and inspire exhibit viewers to take actions on climate change. The exhibit features messages on how both the public and businesses can protect the environment and builds on the Governor’s actions to grow the state’s clean energy economy.

“New York continues to lead the nation in combating climate change,” Governor Cuomo said. “This new public art exhibit encourages New Yorkers to take steps that will safeguard our environment and highlights our role in creating greener and more resilient communities for future generations to come.”

The 12 globes will be placed in five different sites throughout Lake Placid: Photos of the exhibit in Lake Placid are available here.

  • Six on the Mirror Lake walkway adjacent to the tennis courts
  • Two in front of the Lake Placid Conference Center
  • Two at Mid’s Park
  • One at a kiosk area at the municipal parking lot
  • One at #1 Main Street Park

The “Cool Globes” exhibit originally premiered in Chicago in 2007 in partnership with the Field Museum of Natural History and Mayor Daley’s Office of Environment. The exhibit saw more than three million viewers. Since then, “Cool Globes” has traveled the world, making stops in New York City, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston, Vancouver, Sundance, Cleveland, Boston, Copenhagen, Geneva, Marseilles, Amsterdam and Jerusalem. In New York State, the “Cool Globes” exhibit has been on display in Battery Park City in Lower Manhattan and at Canalside in Buffalo.

Wendy Abrams, founder of Cool Globes, Inc. said, “We are delighted to work with Governor Cuomo to bring ‘Cool Globes’ to Lake Placid to celebrate New Yorkers’ commitment to addressing climate change and building a more sustainable future. The globes promote solutions to climate change with simple actions by individuals and businesses.”

Lake Placid Mayor Craig Randall said, “Having the Cool Globes here is certainly significant for the community that was the site for the III and XIII Olympic Winter Games, where we’ve prioritized green initiatives. These Cool Globes will spend the winter in Lake Placid, and we hope they will expose the winter traveling public to the fact that climate change is real, it’s having a significant effect on winter cities, and we all have to work as a team to make sure that we act in the best way to nullify and reverse the trend of climate change.”

Bill Ferebee, Essex County Board of Supervisors Chairman said, “Essex County is taking many actions to reduce climate change, and every resident has an opportunity to be part of this. The Cool Globes exhibit reminds us of the steps we each can take and that all those steps – when considered in total – can have a great impact on our environment.”

North Elba Town Supervisor Roby Politi said, “The Olympic Village of Lake Placid fully endorses Governor Cuomo’s “Cool Globes” initiative to underscore the importance of preserving the environment and increasing awareness of New York’s commitment to clean energy. The placement of these globes around Lake Placid in the heart of the great Adirondack Park embodies the call for all people to work together in pursuit of protecting this essential state forest preserve and region for generations to come. Governor Cuomo’s leadership and attention to environmental concerns will ultimately effectuate a new direction in energy efficiency as well as citizen responsibility.”

Key Energy and Environmental Accomplishments
Under Governor Cuomo’s leadership, New York continues to lead in the nation in combating climate change, preserving the environment and growing the clean energy economy.

Governor Cuomo’s key energy and environmental accomplishments include:

  • Launching the Offshore Wind Blueprint and Commitment to Bidding for Federal Wind Energy Area: First announced in the Governor’s 2016 State of the State address, the strategic plan will advance the development of offshore wind along New York's coastline, which will benefit all New Yorkers with clean, renewable energy.
  • Adopting the Clean Energy Standard:Governor Cuomo’s Clean Energy Standard mandate was approved by the New York State Public Service Commission to expand large scale renewable power so New York State will obtain 50 percent of its electricity from renewable sources 2030. Governor Cuomo’s $1 billion NY-Sun initiative has advanced the scale-up of solar by approximately 750 percent between 2012 and August 2016.
  • Lowering the RGGI cap: Under Governor Cuomo’s leadership, New York lowered the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative cap in 2014, committing New York’s power sector to achieve a 50 percent reduction in emissions by 2020 while providing nearly $1 billion to date for New York’s investment in our clean energy economy.
  • Securing a Coal Free New York by 2020: In line with the state’s goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions from the energy sector 40 percent by 2030, the Governor has directed the Department of Public Service and DEC to develop a regulatory framework that will close the state’s two remaining coal burning power plants or repower them to cleaner fuel sources by 2020.
  • Leading on Transportation and Climate: New York has launched ambitious actions to drive down greenhouse gas emissions, including the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) MOU which the Governor signed, and the International ZEV Alliance to move the state forward on reducing emissions from cars, as well as embarking in the Transportation and Climate Initiative with a coalition of 12 Northeastern states. This will support NYSERDA’s forthcoming consumer zero emission vehicle rebate program.
  • Launch of New Initiatives Under the 10-year, $5 billion Clean Energy Fund: Under the Clean Energy Fund, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has launched new initiatives to reduce energy use in multifamily, commercial and industrial buildings, to help clean energy entrepreneurs grow their companies in the State and to build a high-performing electric grid with the capacity to connect more easily to solar, wind and other power generation sources. Through the Clean Energy Fund, the state will reduce ratepayer surcharges by $90 million in 2016 and by a total $1.5 billion by 2025. It complements the Clean Energy Standard by driving down the cost and scaling up clean energy technologies to meet our 50 percent renewable electricity goal.
  • Stimulating $966 million in clean energy investments for the NY Green Bank: New York is home to a $1 billion green bank, the largest green bank in the nation. The NY Green Bank has now closed 12 transactions, committing $207 million of its capital, stimulating over $966 million in total investments in clean energy projects across the state to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 4.3 million metric tons and help the state achieve its goal of a 40 percent emissions reduction by 2030.
  • Investing in the Environmental Protection Fund: The historic $300 million invested in the Environmental Protection Fund is advancing critical projects to improve air and water quality, and protect important habitats across New York that are key to improving resiliency to climate change. In addition, new funding allocated in 2016-17 FY budget provided $24 million for new projects to mitigate and adapt to climate change, including support for climate smart communities, climate resilient farms, resiliency planning and greenhouse gas reduction projects.
  • Developing Official Sea Level Rise Projections: As directed by the Community Risk and Resiliency Act, New York State will adopt state sea level rise projections based on the best available science and rigorous public review; these projections will better prepare coastal communities and business owners for extreme weather events like Superstorm Sandy. State agencies are also developing guidance for protecting vital resources in the State in the face of a changing climate.
  • Fostering Climate Smart Communities: There are 192registered Climate Smart Communities (CSC), encompassing more than 6.6 million New Yorkers, that have joined the state program to support local climate change action. Nine municipalities have completed a rigorous certification process; certified Climate Smart Communities go beyond the CSC Pledge by completing and documenting a suite of concrete actions that mitigate and adapt to climate change at the local level. The enacted 2016-17 budget includes $11 million in new EPF funds for Climate Smart Communities grants, providing communities the ability to transform mitigation and adaptation plans into action.
  • Fostering Clean Energy Communities: Governor Cuomo launched the Clean Energy Communities initiative to support local government leaders across the state to implement energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable development projects in their communities. Clean Energy Communities coordinators are available at no charge to cash- or resource-strapped communities to develop and prioritize clean energy goals, provide access to easy-to-use resources such as guidance documents and case studies, and help communities take advantage of funding and technical assistance opportunities. Cities, counties, towns and villages that complete at least four of 10 high-impact clean energy actions are designated Clean Energy Communities. The first to receive that designation was Ulster County.
  • Creating Opportunity for Communities to Reduce Electricity Costs through Joint Purchasing: Earlier this year, New York State Public Service Commission approved steps making it easier for communities and organizations to create Community Choice Aggregations to help save consumers on their electricity bills. These power-purchasing associations are being considered by several communities in Upstate New York, including a multi-county plan proposed by the Municipal Electric and Gas Alliance, Inc. (MEGA). MEGA’s plan is to eventually serve roughly 500,000 residents in 11 counties from the Finger Lakes to the Hudson Valley.​
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