August 17, 2018
Albany, NY

Governor Cuomo Announces All 135 Tappan Zee Bridge Concrete Deck Panels Delivered to Local Municipalities

TOP Governor Cuomo Announces All 135 Tappan Zee...

Nine Municipalities Across the State Received Tappan Zee Bridge Deck Panels, Saving Up to an Estimated $4.1 Million


Some Deck Panels Will Be Immediately Used for Critical Infrastructure Projects


Pictures of the Deck Panels Are Available Here


Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the completion of deliveries of 135 concrete deck panel units from the retired Tappan Zee Bridge to local municipalities across New York. The New York State Thruway Authority made the deck panels available following the opening of the first span of the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge to traffic last year. Including removal and delivery, the units have an estimated value of approximately $4.1 million.


"The Tappan Zee Bridge will live on as part of critical bridge and infrastructure projects across this great state," Governor Cuomo said. "Re-using materials from the bridge to support local communities is another example of smart, cost-effective governance." 


Installed within the last ten years, the Tappan Zee Bridge deck panel units are approximately 13 feet wide by 50 feet long. Each panel is 8.25 inches thick and weighs anywhere from 75,000 to 110,000 pounds. The deck panel program is now closed.


Beginning in mid-May, 60-foot long flat deck trucks transported individual panels from the Port of Coeymans in Albany County to 13 municipal maintenance yards. Overall, nine local municipalities along with the New York State Department of Transportation requested the transfer of the deck panel units for immediate and future infrastructure needs. For example, Orange County this year is using three of the 14 deck panels it received for a highway bridge on Route 11 in the town of Mount Hope. Allegany and Steuben counties are also planning to use some deck panels this year.


Thruway Authority Acting Executive Director Matthew J. Driscoll said, "Governor Cuomo recognizes the state's unique role in helping local governments advance critical projects.Strategically repurposing and reimagining the use for these materials will save taxpayers millions of dollars and benefit local communities for decades to come."


New York State Department of Transportation Acting Commissioner Paul A. Karas said, "The Tappan Zee Bridge deck will live on in dozens of projects, reusing materials, reinforcing our emergency response capabilities, and saving state taxpayers millions. Governor Cuomo is modernizing and strengthening transportation infrastructure across the state and these deck panels are contributing to that effort while enhancing our resilience."


The number of panels requested by the NYSDOT and local municipalities are as follow:




Deck Panels




Monroe County



Wyoming County



Orange County



Essex County



Chemung County



Steuben County



Livingston County



Allegany County



Town of Montgomery





Chemung County Executive Tom Santulli said, "Today's announcement shows that Governor Cuomo has a clear commitment to improving local infrastructure while saving taxpayers millions of dollars. The reuse of the Tappan Zee Bridge panels will have an immediate impact on our community. I thank the Governor and the state of New York for their strategic vision."


Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo said, "In our pursuit to build better, flat-tax budgets that best protect local taxpayers, Monroe County is always seeking new opportunities to cut costs by reusing and repurposing existing materials in innovative ways. The County has taken delivery of the panels and we are already exploring the possibility of incorporating them into several upcoming traffic and pedestrian bridge projects across our community. I thank New York State for the opportunity to put these panels to work to enhance our transportation infrastructure and ultimately attract more jobs and investment to our County."


Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus said, "The repurposing of the Old Tappan Zee Bridge panels will save taxpayer's money and resources for our citizens. Three of the decking panels are being used in the Town of Mount Hope right now for a critical bridge crossing to ensure first responders can reach critical infrastructure in a timely manner. Thank you Governor Cuomo for finding a way to repurpose this historic bridge and help improve Orange County infrastructure."


Allegany County Chairman Curt Crandall said, "The repurposing of the Tappan Zee Bridge is a huge win for the taxpayers of Allegany County. I thank Governor Cuomo for this innovative plan, as these panels will help our county cost-effectively build infrastructure."


Essex County Board of Supervisors Chairman Randy Preston said, "Governor Cuomo's strategic plan to repurpose and reuse bridge materials for local projects will greatly benefit our community and save our taxpayers money in the process. I thank the Governor for his forward thinking, as well as his dedication to locally driven projects."


Livingston County Board of Supervisors Chairman David LeFeber said, "With today's announcement, it is clear that Governor Cuomo understand how to cost-effectively build infrastructure on the state and local level. The repurposing of the Tappan Zee Bridge deck panels will greatly benefit our community, and save the local taxpayers millions."


Wyoming County Board of Supervisors Chairman Douglas Berwanger said, "While local infrastructure projects are necessary, they can prove to be incredibly expensive. With Governor Cuomo's plan to repurpose bridge deck panels for local projects, he is saving residents millions. I thank the Governor for his strategic vision to bring smart, cost-effective projects to our community."


In addition to the deck panels, recycled Tappan Zee Bridge materials are being used to expand and support the development of the state Department of Environmental Conservation's artificial reef sites off the shores of Long Island. In late May, nearly 900 tons of material from the old bridge, including cleaned steel and concrete, were added to the Shinnecock Reef. State agencies will continue the reef program this year by deploying an additional 33 barges of bridge materials to six reef sites. Under the leadership of Governor Cuomo, the initiative marks the largest artificial reef expansion in state history in an effort to improve diverse marine life and boost local industries.


Updated information on the construction of the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge can be found at or on Twitter by following @NewNYBridge.

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