April 3, 2012
Albany, NY

Governor Cuomo Announces Accelerated Road and Bridge Projects in Western New York as Part of NY Works Program

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Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced an additional and accelerated $121,178,370 investment for 46 NY Works projects that will repair 292 miles of roads and eight bridges in Western New York and create thousands of jobs. For the transportation component of NY Works, the Department of Transportation (DOT) reviewed its Capital Program and identified those projects which can be accelerated by utilizing either the conventional design-bid-build project delivery mechanism or the newly-enacted design-build project delivery method.


NY Works will reinvent state economic development with an innovative new strategy that will put New Yorkers back to work rebuilding the state's infrastructure. The Task Force will create tens of thousands of jobs by coordinating comprehensive capital plans, overseeing all investment in infrastructure projects, and accelerating hundreds of critical projects across the state.


"For the second straight year, New York State has worked and passed a balanced and transformative budget based on fiscal responsibility, job creation, government efficiency," Governor Cuomo said. "The cornerstone of this budget is the New York Works program, a new and smarter strategy for putting New Yorkers back to work by rebuilding our aging infrastructure and helping put our state's economy back on track, just the way we have put our state government back on track. This significant investment will rebuild the foundation of the region's economy and create thousands of jobs for New Yorkers."


State Senator George D. Maziarz said, "I'm excited that the NY Works Program and Taskforce was included in this year's budget. Not only will this investment repair miles of roads and bridges in Western New York, but it will more importantly create numerous jobs for residents in our area. I applaud the Governor and Legislature for keeping this important part of the budget intact."


State Senator Catharine Young said, "Western New York no longer will be shorted transportation funds, and that is great news for our economy and the taxpayers. Western New York desperately needs infrastructure improvements, and New York Works will invest resources to rebuild our roads and bridges. It means jobs, economic growth and more prosperity for our region. I salute Governor Cuomo for working with the state Legislature to bring fairness and equity back to transportation projects."


State Senator Michael Ranzenhofer said, "All of these projects are critical investments to improve our aging infrastructure, boost our local economy by creating thousands of jobs, and ensure public safety. I am extremely pleased to have been able to work with Governor Cuomo and members of the State Legislature to establish NY Works to rebuild our roads and bridges.Each of these projects is a very important investment in our community's safety and economy."


State Senator Patrick M. Gallivan said, "Across New York State, and particularly in Western New York, our roads and bridges have experienced significant deterioration over the years, largely because New York State has lacked a comprehensive, long term, capital infrastructure investment strategy. The New York Works program is a positive step in a new direction.Its innovative approach will streamline the administration of all of the state's capital infrastructure projects, ensuring that necessary infrastructure improvements are completed in a timely and efficient manner, saving tax dollars while boosting the Western New York economy."


State Senator Mark Grisanti said, "I am pleased that in this budget we have not only invested in repairing our decaying infrastructure around the state with the rebuilding of bridges and repairing of roads but are also committed to facilitating the creation of tens of thousands of jobs. The combined efforts of the State and Federal governments will bring forth $1.2 billion in new spending that can make a huge difference in repairing years of decay and neglect. The New York Works initiative will repair such important bridge connectors as the ECMC Hospital Drive bridge and the Delevan Ave bridge both over Rte 33. Additionally, major paving projects will repair key roads like the church street ramps on to the I-190, the Peace Bridge ramp, and NY-5 from Beach Road to Sturgeon Point Road. I look forward to seeing the New Works initiative in action."


"New York Works is a great program for our state on many levels. It is an investment in the safety of those traveling on our aging infrastructure. It is an investment in our businesses. And it will revitalize our struggling economies, especially in upstate New York," said Assemblyman Robin Schimminger.


"New York's vast transportation network is the backbone of the state's economy," said Assemblywoman Crystal D. Peoples-Stokes. "Funding from the recently-passed budget will not only strengthen our bridges and byways, it will also provide job opportunities in this community."


"The New York Works program will create much-needed jobs for hardworking families right here in Western New York. This program will give a jumpstart to vital infrastructure projects throughout the state," Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak said. "This a positive step forward for New York. The New York Works program will help improve our local economy while making our roads and bridges safer to travel on."


"An investment in transportation projects is an investment in jobs for New York. I am pleased to support the New York Works program because it puts people back to work while making our roads and bridges safer for our residents and visitors," said Assemblyman Sean Ryan.


The Budget continues the Governor's commitment to fiscal responsibility while creating jobs and strengthening communities across the state. It closes a multi-billion dollar deficit with no new taxes, fees or gimmicks, limits spending growth to two percent or below for the second year in a row, and launches the NY Works Task Force to invest billions of dollars to rebuild the state's roads, bridges, parks, and other infrastructure and create tens of thousands of jobs.


The Budget includes key economic development and transportation initiatives, important reforms to improve government efficiency, and measures to strengthen communities across the state.


NY Works


Establishes the NY Works Task Force


The NY Works Task Force will coordinate capital plans across 45 agencies and authorities, oversee investment in projects and access to funding, and facilitate the creation of tens of thousands of jobs.


Prior to the NY Works initiative, there was no comprehensive state plan for the $16 billion in annual capital expenditures by 45 state agencies and authorities. In some cases, including with respect to projects by the Port Authority, the MTA, and the Department of Transportation, billions of dollars of taxpayer or commuter funds were being used to fund transportation plans in the same region with no coordination between the agencies. For the first time, the NY Works Task Force will develop a coordinated capital infrastructure plan among agencies and authorities. The Task Force, made up of leaders in finance, labor, planning and transportation will also recommend financing options for projects and methods to accelerate construction of critical infrastructure.


The NY Works Task Force will consist of fifteen members. Nine of the members will be appointed by the Governor and six by the Legislature. All major state agencies and authorities will participate in an implementation council to coordinate capital planning.


All NY Works projects will be posted on the web with real-time updates so that New Yorkers can track the progress of projects in their community. The full list will be posted online over the next several days.


Rebuild Roads and Bridges


The Budget funds the NY Works program with $247 million in state capital funds and $917 million in new Federal funds for a total of $1.2 billion in new spending to accelerate repair, replacement and improvement of deficient roads and bridges. This funding is over and above the $1.6 billion already allocated this year to the core transportation capital program for road and bridge projects. This program is in addition to the advancement of the Tappan Zee Bridge replacement project that will inject billions more into the regional and state economy.


The additional $1.2 billion in accelerated projects will include: $212 million to address bridge deck and structural replacement or rehabilitation needs on approximately 115 bridges; $250 million for more than 2,000 miles of low cost pavement preservation and pavement treatments; and $687 million for transportation projects of regional or statewide significance throughout the state that had been delayed due to resource constraints.


The NY Works Accelerated Bridge and Pavement Preservation program will expedite projects to immediately create jobs, address critical infrastructure needs, and achieve savings. The Accelerated Bridge and Pavement Preservation program represents a different way of doing business for New York State. Rather than executing 100 different contracts for 100 different bridges, projects will be consolidated under regional contracts a more efficient process that will enable the state to complete critical projects on time and on budget.


As part of the NY Works program, the Accelerated Bridge program is an innovative capital program delivery approach designed to reduce the backlog of deficient bridges in New York State that require replacement. The program will rehabilitate or replace many bridges over a quick time frame resulting in eliminating future maintenance costs as well as create thousands of constructions jobs and stimulate the New York State economy. Currently, 2,500 or 32 percent of the State's bridges are rated deficient. The bridges will be bundled into six statewide Design-Bid-Build contracts and four Design-Build contracts in four geographic areas: Long Island, Hudson Valley, Central and Western New York, and the North Country and Capital Region.


In addition, NY Works establishes a $250 million investment in a Pavement Preservation program that will improve nearly 2,000 additional lane miles of pavement conditions, which is equivalent to a round trip from New York City to Orlando, Florida. Forty percent of the state's pavement surfaces are rated deficient. Similar to the Accelerated Bridge program, paving and resurfacing contracts will be let throughout the State, creating jobs in every region.


The accelerated NY Works Transportation Projects in Western New York are as follows:


RegionProgramProject NameProject DescriptionTotal Project Cost
Western New YorkBridgesPeace Bridge Toll Plaza Operational ImprovementsThe Peace Bridge is New York State's Western gateway to a major trade route with Canada. This planned plaza renovation project will implement operational and security improvements to the Peace Bridge border crossing that will reduce congestion and make the crossing more efficient.$85,000,000
Western New YorkBridgesHOSPITAL DR Over Rte 33 In the Town of Buffalo, Erie CountyDeck Replacement$1,290,780
Western New YorkBridgesDEERFIELD AVE Over Rte 33 In the Town of Buffalo, Erie CountyDeck Replacement$1,256,700
Western New YorkBridgesRte 277 Over Rte 33 In the Town of Cheektowaga, Erie CountyDeck Replacement$1,731,690
Western New YorkBridgesRte 400 SB Over LEIN ROAD- CR 154 In the Town of West Seneca, Erie CountyDeck Replacement$830,700
Western New YorkBridgesDELEVAN AVE Over Rte 33 In the Town of Buffalo, Erie CountyDeck Replacement$3,301,500
Western New YorkBridgesRte 400 EB Over JAMISON RD CR574 In the Town of Elma, Erie CountyDeck Replacement$1,491,000
Western New YorkBridgesRte 400 WB Over JAMISON RD CR574 In the Town of Elma, Erie CountyDeck Replacement$1,491,000
Western New YorkRoadsI-86 from Cuba to Friendship - Allegany CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$1,210,750
Western New YorkRoadsSR 305 from Cuba to Belfast - Allegany CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$2,600,750
Western New YorkRoadsUS 219: Rt 98 to Ellicottville South Vil Line - Cattaraugus CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$380,000
Western New YorkRoadsNY 417: Village of Portville - Cattaraugus CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$198,000
Western New YorkRoadsRte 952M (Main Street) @I86 EXIT 16 to 394 - Cattaraugus CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$110,000
Western New YorkRoadsNY 305S: Rt 417 to PA Line - V. Portville with 417 - Cattaraugus CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$319,000
Western New YorkRoadsNY 39: Chaut Co to Perrysburg WVLbundle - Cattaraugus CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$357,500
Western New YorkRoadsNY 39: Perrysburg West Village Line to Jolls Rd bundle - Cattaraugus CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$572,000
Western New YorkRoadsNY 353: Catt South Village Line to Waverly St. - Village of Cattaraugus - Cattaraugus CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$187,000
Western New YorkRoadsUS 62: Church St to Rte 322 - Cattaraugus CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$990,000
Western New YorkRoadsNY 322: Rte 83 to Catt Co. Line - Cattaraugus CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$115,000
Western New YorkRoadsUS 20: Westfield to Brocton East Village Line - Chautauqua CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$800,000
Western New YorkRoadsNY 953B( Strunk Rd.): Rt. 430 to I-86 - Chautauqua CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$70,000
Western New YorkRoadsNY 394: Gerry Levant Rd to Kennedy - Chautauqua CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$400,000
Western New YorkRoadsNY 394: Rte 20 to Mayville North Village Line - Chautauqua CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$465,000
Western New YorkRoadsRt 426: I-86 to end Rte 426/ Rte 430 overlap - Chautauqua CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$120,000
Western New YorkRoadsUS 62: Frewsburg to Hartson Rd - Chautauqua CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$1,250,000
Western New YorkRoadsNY 76: Rte 20 to Rte 5 - Chautauqua CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$100,000
Western New YorkRoadsUS 62: I-86 Ramps to Shermerhorn Corners - Chautauqua CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$660,000
Western New YorkRoadsUS 62:Hartson Rd to I-86 Ramps - Chautauqua CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$700,000
Western New YorkRoadsNY 277; French Rd - Como Park - Erie CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$250,000
Western New YorkRoads952T (Sweethome); Maple - SUNY@Buffalo - Erie CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$130,000
Western New YorkRoadsNY 240; Access to Broadway - Genesee St - Erie CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$1,100,000
Western New YorkRoadsUS 62, Bagdad Rd to Wilcox Rd - Erie CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$575,000
Western New YorkRoadsUS 62; Hamburg North Vil. Line - I-90 underpass (Sowles let 12/14) - Erie CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$935,000
Western New YorkRoadsPeace Bridge Ramp (Busti - I-190 SB) - Erie CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$137,500
Western New YorkRoadsNY 425; Colvin Ave - Erie County Line - Erie CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$990,000
Western New YorkRoadsNY 277, Michael Rd to Cazenovia Crk - Erie CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$770,000
Western New YorkRoadsNY 130 (Broadway); NY 277- Dick Rd & Chateau Ct - NY 78 - Erie CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$852,500
Western New YorkRoadsNY 5; Beach Rd - Sturgeon Point Rd - Erie CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$1,155,000
Western New YorkRoadsChurch St; I-190 Ramps - Main St (combine w/ Peace bridge) - Erie CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$319,000
Western New YorkRoadsNY 277, NY 391 to Chestnut Park Ent - Erie CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$700,000
Western New YorkRoadsNY 75, New Oregon to Junction US 62 - Erie CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$1,150,000
Western New YorkRoadsNY 240; Davis Rd - Cole Rd - Erie CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$190,000
Western New YorkRoadsNY 93; NY 5 - Cedar St - Erie CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$451,000
Western New YorkRoadsRte. 425, Rte. 62 to Lockport Rd - Niagara CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$965,000
Western New YorkRoadsRte. 78, Erie County Line to City of Lockport and Rt. 93 from Transit to Lockport Bypass - Niagara CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$2,090,000
Western New YorkRoadsRte. 104, Lewiston Village LN to Model City Rd - Niagara CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$420,000


Specific criteria for including a project in the NY Works Fund are as follows:


Accelerated bridge projects:


  • It is on the State deficient bridge list.
  • Projects that can begin construction in 2012 to immediately reduce the number of deficient bridges.
  • Eligible for federal funding.
  • Approximately 110 bridges can be rebuilt under the accelerated program.
  • Half of the projects will use the State's new "design-build" authority to speed project completion


Accelerated pavement preservation projects:

  • Statewide roadway segments rated fair or poor
  • Best and lowest cost treatments, such single course overlay, mill and fill, etc.
  • Eligible for federal funding.
  • 2000 miles of road repaired


Accelerated regional projects:

  • Projects of regional significance were programmed for outer years only because of lack of funds, but can be accelerated into 2012 to immediately create jobs, deal with critical infrastructure and yield savings.