June 13, 2018
Albany, NY

Governor Cuomo Announces $5.8 Million in Awards to Protect Nonprofit Schools, Day Care Centers, and Cultural Museums in Brooklyn Against Hate Crimes

TOP Governor Cuomo Announces $5.8 Million in Awards...

First Round of Grants Awarded to Academic and Community Centers in Brooklyn


Part of Governor Cuomo's $25 Million Securing Communities Against Hate Crimes Grant Program


A List of Grant Awards is Available Here


Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced more than $5.8 million has been awarded through the state's $25 million Securing Communities Against Hate Crimes Grant Program to help strengthen security measures at nonprofit schools, day care centers and cultural museums in Brooklyn. These efforts will help prevent hate crimes or attacks against these facilities because of their ideology, beliefs or mission. This first round of funding provides $5,824,607 for 118 projects at facilities throughout Brooklyn.

"This funding is critical in our efforts to enhance security and protect nonprofit schools, day cares and cultural museums at risk of hate crimes," Governor Cuomo said. "By supporting the diverse cultures and community centers found throughout this great state, we are setting an example for the nation while establishing a stronger, safer New York for all."

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"As the threat of hate crimes continues to be pervasive, enhanced security at our culturally diverse schools and other centers is essential for ensuring their protection and safety," said Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul, who attended today's event. "This funding as part of New York's program to shield communities from hate crimes will support improvements and enhancements for facilities across Long Island. We are committed to providing advanced resources to combat threats from hate groups and keep all New Yorkers safe."

The grant, administered by the State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, provides up to $50,000 in funding for additional security training needs, cameras and state-of-the-art technology, door-hardening, improved lighting and other related security upgrades at each eligible facility. Organizations that operate more than one facility were eligible to submit up to three applications for a total request of up to $150,000. 

Announced in October 2017, the Securing Communities Against Hate Crimes Grant program supports the comprehensive effort launched by Governor Cuomo to combat hate crimes in New York. The FY 2017-18 State Budget established a statewide Hate Crimes Task Force to mitigate recent incidents of bias-motivated threats, harassment, and violence in New York. The Task Force has engaged county leaders, district attorneys, school district leaders, local police departments and other key stakeholders to identify and investigate hate motivated crimes and bias related trends, community vulnerabilities and discriminatory practices.

Additionally, the Governor created a telephone hotline and text line through the Division of Human Rights to report incidents of bias and discrimination. The State Police, who handle any potential criminal matters, receive referrals from both the hotline and text line monitored by the Division of Human Rights. Cases of discrimination that are covered by the New York State Human Rights Law may be further investigated by the Division. A $5,000 reward was made available for any information leading to an arrest and conviction for a hate crime.


This funding is critical in our efforts to enhance security and protect nonprofit schools, day cares and cultural museums at risk of hate crimes.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services Commissioner Roger L. Parrino Sr. said, "These grant funds will allow nonpublic schools, day care centers and cultural museums to increase their security measures against individuals or groups with violent prejudices. I applaud the Governor for making these funds available to help organizations implement projects involving exterior facility hardening, physical security enhancements and security training."

Senator Martin J. Golden said, "I commend the State for dedicating this $5.8 million security money to protect our daycare centers, museums and non-public schools. Public safety has to remain in the forefront as we move forward. This funding will go a long way in giving New Yorkers peace of mind."  

Assembly Member Helene Weinstein said, “There is no denying the susceptibility of our religious schools and cultural institutions, and I am pleased that the funding my colleagues and I fought for is being disbursed to the those who desperately need it. This first installment of the $25 million Securing Communities Against Hate Crimes Grant Program will help private schools, day care centers and museums secure their facilities and protect our children from any potential threats. They can instead concentrate on providing our children with culturally appropriate education and care.”

Assembly Member Joseph R. Lentol said, “I commend Governor Cuomo on funding programs to protect kids against crimes of hate.  Unfortunately we live in a dangerous world where hate has reemerged to threaten people of different religions and races.  We had hope that changes to that type of thinking had occurred in our society, but it seems obviously the hate demons are still a threat. The Governor’s grants will keep our children in a safe academic environment and I applaud him.”

Assembly Member N. Nick Perry said, “I am very pleased to join Governor Cuomo in announcing the allocation of $50,000 in state funding to Educational Institute Oholei Torah of Brooklyn located in East Flatbush to protect them against the drastic increase our state has seen in hate crimes since the November 2016 elections.  Purveyors of hate have certainly felt empowered and emboldened in the past year and a half, and this funding will go a long way towards safeguarding these potential targets.”

Assembly Member Jo Anne Simon said, “Hate and intolerance have no place in New York, and should find no quarter in our schools, day cares and cultural centers. This funding will allow some of our most vulnerable institutions the ability to protect themselves, and it sends a strong message that fighting hate crimes is priority for New York. I applaud Governor Cuomo for ensuring that this funding will go towards protecting my fellow New Yorkers.”

Assembly Member Jaime R. Williams said, “Until the time arises that hate crimes and the protection and safety and security from same shall no longer be a need, which we all hope occurs sooner than later, I applaud Governor Cuomo’s efforts in establishing the grant program to Protect Nonprofit Schools, Day Care Centers, and Cultural Museums on Long Island Against Hate Crimes. This is a paramount step in stomping out these baseless attacks stemmed in ignorance. The need for imperative security measures is a necessary component in our current society and the Governor’s achievements in helping establish same through these awards is pivotal accomplishment.” 

Assembly Member Robert Carroll said, “Thanks to Governor Cuomo for his support in protecting our yeshivas and cultural institutions from individuals who look to divide us and stoke our fears. Our communities in Brooklyn are strong because of their diversity - protecting these places from hate crimes is important and I am glad that we are taking the steps to insure that people are kept safe.”

Assembly Member Tremaine Wright said, "I appreciate the Governor's attention and commitment to investing in mechanisms to help prevent hate crime, discrimination and bias attacks.  Discrimination hurts people, hate crime is toxic; and, left unattended, they would cripple us as a state.  The grants made under the Securing Communities Against Hate Crimes Grant Program will help ensure people and organizations have the tools they need to appropriately respond to the threat of hate crimes and to curb discriminatory practices."

Council Member Chaim M. Deutsch, Chair of the Jewish Caucus of the New York City Council said, “Having lived in Brooklyn all my life, I am proud to represent a district that is so vastly diverse. Our differences are what make Brooklyn and the entire State of New York so culturally rich, and they should be celebrated for their ability to open minds and hearts to new ideas and beliefs. No one should ever have to live in fear that what makes them different also what makes them a target. That is why I am thankful to Governor Cuomo for fighting discrimination in New York by providing the resources our schools and community centers need to combat senseless hate crimes.”

Council Member Kalman Yeger said, "This funding is critical in our efforts to support a safer, stronger Brooklyn community for our residents. I applaud Governor Cuomo's efforts to ensure community centers and schools have proper security measures in place to deter prejudice and hate. New York is a beacon of opportunity and hope for men and women of all ages and backgrounds, and with the Governor's leadership, our diverse communities will remain protected for generations to come."

All New Yorkers who have experienced bias or discrimination are encouraged to call DHR's toll-free hotline at (888) 392-3644 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday - Friday or text "HATE" to 81336. If you want to report a crime or fear for your safety, call 911 immediately.

The Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services provides leadership, coordination and support for efforts to prevent, protect against, prepare for, respond to, and recover from terrorism and other man-made and natural disasters, threats, fires and other emergencies. For more information, visit the Facebook page, follow @NYSDHSES on Twitter and Instagram, or visit: dhses.ny.gov.

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