April 9, 2012
Albany, NY

Governor Cuomo Announces $35 Million Investment to Upgrade North-South Arterial in Utica

TOP Governor Cuomo Announces $35 Million Investment...

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that the state will invest $35 million over the next two years for vital upgrades to the North-South Arterial in Utica, creating almost 600 jobs. The renovation project will support the needs of Mohawk Valley businesses and bolster economic development in the surrounding communities.


The first phase will fund a $10 million project scheduled for the 2012-2013 fiscal year and the second phase will fund a $25 million project scheduled for the 2013-2014 fiscal year.


"In addition to passing an on-time budget that closes a multi-billion dollar deficit and makes historic investments in infrastructure projects throughout the state, we are also funding these much needed upgrades to this critical roadway," said Governor Cuomo. "This project will not only create hundreds of jobs, but it will also play a key role in fostering economic development in and around communities in the Mohawk Valley."


Senator Joe Griffo said, "The changes to the North-South Arterial have been needed for many years and the challenges to making those changes are formidable. I'm pleased that the Governor shared the vision of making the Arterial safer and better suited for the next generation of Utica and I'm pleased the Legislature agreed to this commitment of resources."


Assemblymember Anthony J. Brindisi said, "I am glad to hear that the North-South Arterial project will be moving forward. This reaffirms the state's commitment to the Mohawk Valley and will help create construction jobs and make our area more attractive to businesses."


As the largest project in the regions proposed capital construction program, the North-South Arterial project involves replacement of the elevated viaduct of State Routes 5, 8, and 12 in the City of Utica. This project will provide an improved connection to the recently announced Nanotech facility to be built at SUNY IT in the town of Marcy, which received over $15 million through the Regional Economic Development Council and is seen as a potential economic engine in the region.


The renovations to the North-South Arterial Expressway will greatly improve mobility in and around the area. The expressway is a main thoroughfare into Utica, passing through the western part of the city. It provides vital connections to the Thruway and the Adirondacks, which will facilitate the flow of business to and from Utica. In addition, the viaduct creates a critical connection at Court Street in Utica, linking West Utica and the Downtown business areas. The improved expressway will also connect the North SUNYIT Campus through Utica to other major highways in the area, such as NYS Routes 12, 8, 5 and 840.


As part of the Budget agreement, the recently approved two-year capital program has proposed two revised phases for the North-South Arterial project. This project will include right-of-way acquisition and site clearance, and preliminary construction activity that includes widening of Court Street at the new interchange, improved pedestrian accommodations at Court Street and Sunset Avenue, as well as mobility improvements at Lincoln Avenue, Varick Street and Champlin Avenue.


The second year of the two-year program includes $25 million as part of the structural replacement of the viaduct with a commitment from the state for the full cost of the project as needed. Construction costs of the project are an estimated $62 million. The funding for replacement of the viaduct will be included in the Department of Transportation's (DOT) two-year capital plan for the period of April 1st, 2013 to March 31st, 2015 that will be submitted to the NY Works Task Force.


Last week, Governor Cuomo announced an additional and accelerated $29,886,323 investment for 32 NY Works projects that will repair 216 miles of roads and eight bridges in the Mohawk Valley. The Governor also announced an $800,000 investment for a NY Works project to upgrade and repair the heavily deteriorated parking area at the swimming, beach and picnic areas at Glimmerglass State Park.


The accelerated NY Works Transportation Projects in the Mohawk Valley are as follows:


RegionProgramProject NameProject DescriptionTotal Project Cost
Mohawk ValleyBridgesRte 162 Over Abandoned Railroad In the Town of Root, Montgomery CountyDeck Replacement$1,128,900
Mohawk ValleyBridgesRte 8 NB Over NY SUSQUEHNNA & W One Mile from Junction of Rte 8 and Rte 12 In the Town of New Hartford, Oneida CountyDeck Replacement$942,525
Mohawk ValleyBridgesRte 8 SB Over NY SUSQUEHNNA & W One Mile from Junction of Rte 8 and Rte 12 In the Town of New Hartford, Oneida CountyDeck Replacement$903,120
Mohawk ValleyBridgesRte 8 Over NY SUSQUEHNNA & W Seven Miles from Junction of Rte 8 and Rte 12 In the Town of New Hartford, Oneida CountyDeck Replacement$1,235,400
Mohawk ValleyBridgesRte 69 Over ROUTE 26 In the Town of Rome, Oneida CountyBridge Replacement$2,130,000
Mohawk ValleyBridgesRte 26 Over ROUTE 365 In the Town of Rome, Oneida CountyBridge Replacement$2,023,500
Mohawk ValleyBridgesRte 69 Over ROUTE 365 In the Town of Rome, Oneida CountyBridge Replacement$2,236,500
Mohawk ValleyBridgesRte 20 Over FLY CREEK In the Town of Esperance, Schoharie CountyDeck Replacement$674,145
Mohawk ValleyRoadsRoute 8, Rte. 365 to Culvert - Herkimer CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$859,944
Mohawk ValleyRoadsRoute 365, Oneida Co. Line - Rte. 8 - Herkimer CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$1,381,416
Mohawk ValleyRoadsRoute 5, Schuyler to Herkimer - Herkimer CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$1,779,160
Mohawk ValleyRoadsRoute 5, Little Falls, W. Line to Wind Bridge - Herkimer CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$396,377
Mohawk ValleyRoadsRoute 5, Little Falls, W. Line to RM 52311-1176 - Herkimer CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$316,479
Mohawk ValleyRoadsRoute 5S, Amsterdam to Schenectady Co. Line - Montgomery CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$720,655
Mohawk ValleyRoadsRte 30A, Fonda to Gloversville - Montgomery CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$1,643,225
Mohawk ValleyRoadsRte 5S, Village of Ft. Plain - Montgomery CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$282,858
Mohawk ValleyRoadsRte 30, Rte. 5 to Miami Ave. (City of Amsterdam) - Montgomery CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$654,723
Mohawk ValleyRoadsRte 5, Herkimer Co Line to Palatine - Montgomery CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$2,012,795
Mohawk ValleyRoadsI-790, Leland Ave. to Edic Rd. - Oneida CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$878,569
Mohawk ValleyRoadsRte 31, Youngs Rd.-Route 26 - Oneida CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$313,822
Mohawk ValleyRoadsRoute 12B, Clinton N. Line to New Hartford - Oneida CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$362,108
Mohawk ValleyRoadsRoute 69, Taberg - Canada Cr. - Oneida CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$709,279
Mohawk ValleyRoadsFrench Rd (Rte 921W), Burrstone Rd. to Chenango Rd. - Oneida CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$279,513
Mohawk ValleyRoadsRte 69, Wolcott Road - Taberg - Oneida CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$2,224,968
Mohawk ValleyRoadsMohawk St.(Rte 922A): Rte. 69 - Rte. 49 - Oneida CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$315,811
Mohawk ValleyRoadsRiver St.(922E): Rte. 69 - Erie Canal - Oneida CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$147,050
Mohawk ValleyRoadsRte 12, Waterville to CR 7 - Oneida CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$503,930
Mohawk ValleyRoadsRte 12, CR 7 to Paris - Oneida CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$420,244
Mohawk ValleyRoadsRte 12, Rm 1153 to RM 1172 - Oneida CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$396,307
Mohawk ValleyRoadsRte 49, Rte. 291 to Rome City Line - Oneida CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$1,296,000
Mohawk ValleyRoadsRoute 7, Unadilla to RR Overpass - Otsego CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$318,100
Mohawk ValleyRoadsRoute 7, Sidney to Unadilla - Otsego CountyPavement Preservation Treatment$398,900
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