February 13, 2014
Albany, NY

Governor Cuomo Announces $35 Million Financing for Oneida County to Further Progress of Marcy Nanotech Development

TOP Governor Cuomo Announces $35 Million Financing...

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced further progress in the development of the Marcy NanoCenter with the approval of low-cost financing for Oneida County to improve infrastructure that is vital to creating new economic opportunities for the region. In order to support the project, the New York State Environmental Facilities Corp. (EFC) Board of Directors approved a $17.5 million interest-free loan, along with a $17.5 million low-interest loan, for Oneida County to begin work to harden and improve the countys sewer collection system and increase the systems overall capacity.


Improving Oneida Countys wastewater system is vital to supporting the development of the Marcy NanoCenter, which will bring thousands of good-paying jobs to the region, Governor Cuomo said. With the help of this State financing, the County can expand and strengthen the essential infrastructure it needs to accommodate additional growth in the private sector. We are pleased to provide the support that our local partners need to create new economic opportunities for New Yorkers and make communities stronger for the future.


Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente, Jr., said, This is the largest infrastructure project in the history of Oneida County. This financing comes at a crucial time as we continue to prepare for Nano Utica and our emerging transformational nanotechnology industry. We thank Governor Cuomo and EFC President Matt Driscoll for their leadership in approving this financing. We continue to invest in the future of our community and today is another step in the right direction.


The three- to five-year loans approved today will save the county $395,000 over the cost of the county borrowing on its own.


This project will also increase the capacity of the countys primary pump station to transmit more flow to the Oneida County Water Pollution Control Plant. This, in turn, will more than double the plants capacity and greatly reduce the chances that sewage will overflow into the Mohawk River during periods of severe weather.


EFC previously issued low-cost loans to Oneida County to reduce the amount of stormwater entering the sewer collection system. In this new phase, upgrades to the wastewater treatment plant will increase the overall capacity of the plant and improve the water-quality at the end of the sewage treatment process.


Upgrading the 400-acre Marcy NanoCenter business park site to shovel-ready status is one of Governor Cuomos highest priorities, said EFC President and CEO Matthew Driscoll. This project is one of several wastewater improvements Oneida County is undertaking to eliminate combined sewer overflows in the system and to increase the systems capacity for treatment. The project is essential to the development of the Marcy NanoCenter development due to the fact that the development cannot be served by the existing Oneida County system until the capacity is increased.


Senator Joseph A. Griffo said, Were excited about becoming the states newest nanotechnology hub, but expanding our infrastructure to meet that demand would be impossible without the help of the state Environmental Facilities Corp. Im pleased that the agency has provided these two loans which will help Oneida County expand the capacity of its wastewater treatment plant and save local taxpayers $400,000 in the process. I thank Governor Cuomo for his continued leadership as we continue working to develop thousands of quality jobs in the Mohawk Valley.


This project not only will be a very significant boost to the already excellent infrastructure at the Marcy NanoCenter, but it also is a major investment in the economic future of the Mohawk Valley region, Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi said. For many years, sewage overflowed into the Mohawk River, and correcting this major problem will allow for development at the Marcy NanoCenter, as well as for other projects that will bring good jobs to our region.


Marcy Town Supervisor Brian Scala said, The Marcy NanoCenter is a project that will fundamentally transform our local economy creating thousands of jobs and positioning our region as a major player in the high-tech nano industry. Upgrading the Countys sewer system is critical to making that happen, and I am very excited that the State is stepping in to help fund these vital infrastructure improvements. Governor Cuomo has been a great supporter of efforts to grow our local economy, and I am thrilled to see this particular phase of the NanoCenter project moving forward.


Utica Mayor Robert M. Palmieri said, "This historic infrastructure project is cruitial to the development of large scale, high technology manufacturing as Nano Utica moves forward. The City of Utica thanks Governor Cuomo and EFC President Matthew Driscoll for their assistance and leadership. "


Development of the Marcy NanoCenter is expected to create thousands of well-paying new jobs. This project is tied to New York States investment in building a global technology hub centered on the semiconductor and nano-electronic industries, as well as on clean technology initiatives, such as LED and photovoltaic R&D manufacturing.


Oneida County operates the Oneida County Sewer District and owns the system's approximately 45 miles of major interceptor sewers, Sauquoit Creek Pump Station, Barnes Avenue Pumping Station, and the current, 48 million gallons per day wastewater treatment plant. A total of 15 municipalities make up the sewer district and these municipalities own and operate a total of 220 miles of collection sewers within their municipal boundaries.