May 17, 2019
Albany, NY

Governor Cuomo Announces $30 Million to Build and Preserve 522 Affordable Apartments in New York City

TOP Governor Cuomo Announces $30 Million to Build...

Part of $175 Million Investment to Provide 2,185 Affordable Homes Across the State


Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that $30 million has been awarded to seven affordable housing developments in the City of New York that will create or preserve 522 affordable homes. The funding is part of $175.4 million the State is awarding to build or preserve more than 2,185 affordable apartments and revitalize communities across New York's 10 regions.


"These critical investments will strengthen communities in every corner of the state by creating and preserving affordable homes for families, veterans, seniors and some of our most vulnerable neighbors," Governor Cuomo said. "By strategically revitalizing neighborhoods throughout New York, we can breathe new life into these communities, making them more vibrant places to live for generations to come."


"This significant funding is part of our efforts to add and retain affordable housing across the state," said Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul. "We want to make sure that all New Yorkers have access to affordable, quality apartments while contributing to the revitalization of communities. The investment is part of our $20 billion housing plan to add affordable and supportive housing in neighborhoods to combat homelessness and enhance quality of life."


The Governor's commitment to providing all New Yorkers with access to safe, affordable housing is reflected in the State's unprecedented $20 billion, five-year Housing Plan. The plan makes housing accessible and combats homelessness by building and preserving 100,000 units of affordable housing, and 6,000 units of supportive housing.


The funds were made available through New York State Homes & Community Renewal's 2018 Unified Funding Application, a streamlined process to apply for Low-Income Housing Tax Credits and low-interest loans for affordable, multifamily developments. Projects are funded in every region of the state.


Awards in New York City will achieve the State's housing goal of providing supportive housing, housing for homeless adults, and those with mental illness, and/or a substance abuse disorder. Several projects awarded are also transit-oriented developments, which will provide easy access to public transportation.


The awards finance a new family building and community service facility in the Melrose neighborhood on a redeveloped brownfield site and a passive house affordable housing opportunity close to public transportation for families, with retail space on a City owned infill lot in the Fordham/Belmont neighborhood. In addition, new senior housing—with units set aside for formerly homeless seniors—will be created in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, alongside a new community space and pre-k program. Awards announced today include:


  • $2.5 million for FAC 6309 Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn, creating 84 affordable apartments for seniors including 26 supportive homes for formerly homeless seniors.
  • $1.4 million for Home Simpson in the Bronx, creating 72 affordable homes including 44 supportive homes for formerly homeless individuals.
  • $1.6 million for New Roads Plaza in the Bronx, creating 95 affordable apartments with 57 supportive homes for persons with mental illness.
  • $3.6 million for 177th Street Residences in the Bronx, creating 90 affordable apartments with 60 supportive homes for persons with mental illness.
  • $5.6 for 4697 Third Avenue in the Bronx, creating 53 affordable apartments including 8 supportive homes for formerly homeless individuals.
  • $4.1 million for Brook 156 in the Bronx, creating 55 affordable apartments including 9 supportive homes for formerly homeless individuals.
  • $11.1 million for Austin 147 in the Bronx, creating 80 affordable and supportive apartments for formerly homeless individuals.


A full list of funding awarded statewide is available here.


RuthAnne Visnauskas, Commissioner of New York State Homes and Community Renewal said, "The investments announced today are part of $175 million awarded across the State that builds on the momentum and unprecedented resources that Governor Cuomo has committed to improving New York's communities since 2011. Under Governor Cuomo's leadership, we are doing more than ever to increase access to affordable and supportive housing, reduce homelessness, revitalize neighborhoods and strengthen local economies." 


Senator Brian Kavanagh, Chair of the Senate Housing Committee said, "We need to make sure New Yorkers across the state have access to good, safe and affordable housing, and today's Unified Funding awards announcement marks an important step toward revitalizing our communities. This funding will help create and preserve affordable housing, and keep people in the neighborhoods they call home."


Assembly Member Steven Cymbrowitz, Chair of the Assembly Housing Committee said, "This initiative moves forward our continued commitment to create and preserve affordable and supportive housing stock for all New Yorkers, especially our most vulnerable. I'm pleased that this project will provide seniors, young adults and other New Yorkers with the ability to remain vital and engaged members of our communities."


Senator Diane Savino said, "As New York gets more expensive, it is important to build safety nets for the most vulnerable in our community, especially seniors. Affordable housing is a vital investment that will contribute to New York's economic growth for generations to come. I thank Governor Cuomo for championing these investments and for his continued commitment to affordable housing."


Senator Luis Sepulveda said, "New York, as well as the rest of the country, is facing a real homeless crisis that requires strategic and comprehensive solutions to combat it once and for all. With investments in affordable housing like the $30 million announced today, New York is taking another step toward lifting vulnerable New Yorkers up and providing affordable units for those in need. I thank the Governor for providing this critical funding."


Senator José M. Serrano said, "New York City is in desperate need of affordable housing to protect vulnerable individuals and families from homelessness and displacement. An investment in affordable, stable housing for our neighbors is an investment in the revitalization of our communities. Many thanks to Governor Cuomo for providing this essential funding and for his commitment to helping New Yorkers in need get back on their feet."


Assembly Member Carmen Arroyo said, "New York State is facing an unprecedented housing crisis. I thank Governor Cuomo for his strong commitment to building and preserving thousands of housing units across our state, including in the Bronx and specifically in my South Bronx district where the need is especially great. I look forward to working with the Governor to ensure that we use all the resources at our disposal so that we can provide the safe and affordable housing that is so critically needed in our communities."


Assembly Member Michael Blake said, "Affordable housing is critical for Bronxites, and I am thankful that Governor Cuomo is investing $30 million to help people achieve the reality of Bronx home ownership. From Melrose to Brook to Simpson, creating opportunities for low and middle income families in the Bronx to have housing security that leads to ownership is essential. No one should ever have to wonder where they will sleep that night, where they will cook their next meal or where their children can sit down to do their school work. This funding will be life changing for New Yorkers, and I thank Governor Cuomo for believing and supporting the Bronx."


Assembly Member Marcos Crespo said, "This crucial funding will provide New York's most underserved residents with safe and comfortable housing. Countless New Yorkers will be able to escape the cycle of homelessness thanks to this initiative. I applaud Governor Cuomo for prioritizing the most vulnerable New Yorkers with these investments."


Assembly Member Felix Ortiz said, "The housing affordability crisis requires immediate action. We are fortunate to have a champion like Governor Cuomo, who has made it a priority to address this critical issue to bring some relief to vulnerable New Yorkers in the region. These awards for supportive housing will not only help to change people's lives for the better, but will make our region more prosperous and more inclusive."


Assembly Member Victor M. Pichardo said, "All New Yorkers deserve a safe, affordable place to live. This critical funding will help ensure that all New Yorkers, including some of our most vulnerable residents, have a place to call home where they can ensure their families' health and stability. I appreciate the Governor and look forward to working with him on more opportunities for affordable housing."


Assembly Member Jose Rivera said, "Governor Cuomo and Myself recognize the need to provide all New Yorkers with a safe and reliable place to call home. Affordable housing is critical to helping New York residents overcome institutional and societal barriers and in ensuring they can achieve a better life for themselves and their families. I will continue to work alongside with Gov. Cuomo to help bring what our communities need. Thank you, Governor Cuomo, for this important investment that will truly help New York families."

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