December 17, 2015
Albany, NY

Governor Cuomo Announces $22.6 Million to Improve 1,166 Homes and Expand Homeownership Opportunities

TOP Governor Cuomo Announces $22.6 Million to...

Announcement Made at Rochester Housing, Community and Faith-Based Development Conference to Encourage More Housing, Increase Access to Services, and Revitalize Neighborhoods Throughout the Finger Lakes


Governor Cuomo announced $22.6 million in grants awarded to not-for-profit organizations and municipalities throughout the state to rehabilitate, repair and improve 1,166 homes and provide new opportunities for homeownership. The announcement was made during New York State’s Rochester Housing, Community and Faith-Based Development Conference. The conference is one of a series of meetings and workshops designed to bring state agency expertise and resources directly to regions, assist local grassroots and development partners in creating affordable housing, delivering social services, and reviving downtown communities.

“The state is committing nearly $23 million to improve homes and make New York a better place to live, especially for some of our most vulnerable citizens,” said Governor Cuomo. “New York State wants to help build stronger, more vibrant communities from the ground up, and I am proud to be partnering with local governments, community leaders and the nonprofit sector to make it happen.”

In keeping with Governor Cuomo's commitment to improving affordable housing opportunities and revitalizing neighborhoods, today’s awards provide resources to repair and improve homes belonging to the elderly, Veterans, Medicaid recipients, people with disabilities, and low-income families and individuals. In addition, funds will assist homebuyers with down payment or closing costs, as well as acquiring and rehabilitating vacant homes. The funds are provided through a variety of programs administered by New York State Home and Community Renewal. More information is available at

Today’s conference, held at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center, was co-hosted by HCR, the Governor’s Office of Faith-Based Community Development Services and the Governor’s Nonprofit Coordination Unit. Representatives from various state agencies, including the Office of Mental Health, Office of Temporary Disability Assistance, Department of Health, and Empire State Development were also in attendance.

Non-state representatives included housing developers, nonprofits, and faith-based organizations, and together the group focused on a variety of issues that included the application process for housing development opportunities, solutions for zombie properties, adaptive reuse, ways to expand community services and resources, and ways to increase overall homeownership.

Senator Joseph Robach said, “This conference is yet another example of Governor Cuomo’s commitment to improving the lives of New Yorkers in every part of this State. Our issues are not some abstract concepts to him. His team is here and has been out in the communities with us.”

Assembly Majority Leader Joe Morelle said, “This is a great opportunity for us, as elected officials and community leaders, to come together for the betterment of the residents of New York. I would like to thank the Governor for committing to improving the lives of New Yorkers, and for the work of his team on important issues like this one."

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren said, “I thank Governor Cuomo for continuing to invest time, energy, and resources in Rochester. By engaging Rochester’s robust community of nonprofit and faith-based partners in accessing state resources, everyone here today is demonstrating a commitment to improving quality of life in the city and helping residents find a home.”

New York State Homes and Community Renewal Commissioner James S. Rubin said, "Governor Cuomo is committed to creating and preserving affordable housing through strong grassroots collaborations. He has convened agencies in Rochester today to learn how we can help and encourage nonprofits and faith-based organizations to work hand-in-hand with state government to meet their goals. By bringing information and tools directly to our partners, we can better empower them to improve the quality of life in New York."

Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Faith Based Community Development Services Karim Camara said, "Faith-based organizations are critical partners in delivering education, health, and social services to communities, particularly those most in need. The Governor is dedicated to lifting up those who have not been able to fully share in the blessings of society. While some may see blueprints, bricks and concrete, he sees the people who will have secure, comfortable and dignified lives in each new home. That is public service at its finest.”

New York State Interagency Coordinator for Non-profit Organizations Fran Barrett said, "New York State has the nation's largest nonprofit sector and these organizations touch the lives of millions of New Yorkers. Of the awards the Governor announced today, 53 out of 81--$10 million support the work of nonprofit organizations. Governor Cuomo established the groundbreaking Nonprofit Coordination Unit last year to help the state's nonprofit sector meet their goals of providing the highest level of service to New York residents. I am proud to be in Rochester today and look forward to traveling the state to bring resources directly to nonprofits and the communities they serve.”

New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance Commissioner Samuel D. Roberts said: "Governor Cuomo has long been a leader in the development of supportive housing programs and in ending homelessness, particularly for Veterans. These housing and development conferences, along with the resources announced today will go a long way toward empowering local developers, nonprofits and grassroots organizations to meet the needs of homeless New Yorkers and to keep vulnerable people in their homes.”

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