June 2, 2015

Governor Cuomo Announces 11 More Companies Join Start-Up NY, Creating Nearly 200 Jobs Over Next Five Years

TOP Governor Cuomo Announces 11 More Companies Join...

Since Program’s Launch, More Than 120 Businesses Have Joined Start-Up NY and Committed to Create More Than 3,340 New Jobs across New York State


Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that 11 more businesses plan to expand in or locate to New York State as a result of START-UP NY. The 11 businesses announced today will invest approximately $4.4 million and have committed to create nearly 200 new jobs over the next five years in tax-free areas sponsored by SUNY Cobleskill, University at Buffalo, SUNY Downstate, Mount Saint Mary College and Ulster County Community College. These companies join the 110 companies already participating in the innovative program that creates tax-free areas associated with colleges and universities across the state.

“START-UP NY is changing the game for attracting businesses and creating jobs, and today we are continuing to see the program deliver results for New York’s economy,” Governor Cuomo said. “These tax-free areas are boosting local economies across the state and making it clearer than ever that New York is open for business. I am proud to welcome these latest companies to the program, and look forward to seeing them grow and hire more New Yorkers in the future.”

Including the 11 companies announced today, START-UP NY now has commitments from 121 companies – sponsored by 24 different colleges and universities statewide – to create more than 3,340 new jobs and invest over $197 million in communities throughout the state.

“START-UP NY continues to prove that New York is the state of opportunity, and there is no better place to start or grow a business,” said Empire State Development President, CEO & Commissioner Howard Zemsky. “Today’s announcement of 11 more companies joining the program demonstrates how START-UP NY is boosting the state’s economy, producing new job opportunities and generating millions of dollars in investment statewide.”

The businesses expanding in or locating to the Empire State under START-UP NY will create jobs in several key industries, including physical engineering and life sciences; biotechnology (including research and development); graphic design services and software publishing; and advanced manufacturing.

The Governor announced the following businesses have joined START-UP NY:

  • Celmatix, Inc.
  • For-Robin, Inc.
  • ForaHealthyMe, Inc.
  • GlucoGuide U.S. Corp.
  • Ignition Life Solutions, Inc.
  • IRX Therapeutics, Inc.
  • KeepTruckin, Inc.
  • Legion Hose Grip, LLC
  • Regen Water, Inc.
  • Rapt-It, LLC
  • USA Intimates Manufacturers, Inc.

SUNY Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher said, “Governor Cuomo’s START-UP NY program continues to attract entrepreneurs and businesses to New York State through unprecedented tax incentives and a unique opportunity to grow in partnership with higher education. SUNY is proud to be a part of this innovative program, which expands access to research and applied learning opportunities for our students and faculty while increasing our impact on the state economy. Congratulations to each of the college campuses welcoming new businesses to their communities.”

Additional details about the latest businesses approved for START-UP NY follow:

SUNY Cobleskill – 87 new jobs
USA Intimates Manufacturers, Inc. is a new company which encompasses three distinct yet connected businesses: a state of the art sewing factory with complete full package apparel manufacturing; an incubator design model that connects clients with experts; and a proprietary brand. Together, they provide a complete supply chain solution. USA Intimates will locate to the tax-free area at the former Guilford textile manufacturing facility in Cobleskill, create 87 new jobs and invest $1.92 million.

University at Buffalo – 49 new jobs
KeepTruckin, Inc. is a California based company that will be expanding its research & development operations into New York State. The company is developing a mobile-application allowing paperless driver logs and fleet management services for the trucking industry. KeepTruckin plans to expand its product capabilities to include a direct electronic connection to the motor vehicle in order to obtain vehicle operational data that can be transferred to the mobile device and then to its cloud-based data store. KeepTruckin will locate to the Baird Research Park in Amherst, create 14 new jobs and invest $60,000.

Rapt-It, LLC is a new graphics design company that will provide customers with a unique way to customize, personalize, and decorate their home doors in seconds. Using a proprietary and patent pending design, that is easily applied and taken off a door with no damage, and also reusable, the technology is ideal for the licensed product and custom decorating market. Rapt-It will locate to the Buffalo-Niagara Medical Campus Innovation Center, create 12 new jobs and invest $60,000.

Ignition Life Solutions, Inc. is a new company providing innovative data population management services in the healthcare industry. The company is developing voice recognition software for doctors and insurers that will use novel algorithms to identify potential medical codes that increase the accuracy of the medical billing codes selected, thereby reducing billing errors and minimizing loss of revenue. Ignition Life Solutions, Inc. will locate to the UB Gateway Building, create 11 new jobs and invest $180,000.

GlucoGuide U.S. Corp. is a Canadian company that will be expanding into New York State. The company is creating a dynamic user interface (GlucoGuide), downloadable to smart-phones, which facilitates interactive communication with the company’s team of data analysts. The company uses big data analytics to analyze people’s eating habits and other aspects of one’s day to day life and provides personalized advice on how to achieve good personal health. The company considers the US market its primary interest (predominantly group health insurers, corporate wellness groups, and individuals) by helping to keep people healthier, reduce healthcare costs, decrease absenteeism and improve employee morale. GlucoGuide will locate to the Buffalo-Niagara Medical Campus Innovation Center, create five new jobs and invest $15,000.

ForaHealthyMe (U.S.A.) Inc. is a Canadian company that will be expanding into New York State. The company has developed ForaHealthyMe.com, a clinically validated web and mobile platform enabling individuals and caregivers to be better informed, empowered, and engaged in the treatment and management of high impact chronic conditions. The company delivers education content and chronic disease treatment and management, decision support tools, and medication compliance support to patients and their caregivers in a virtual environment. ForaHealthyMe will locate to the Gateway Building, create five new jobs and invest $5,000.

For-Robin, Inc. is an existing New York State woman-owned biotechnology research and development enterprise established to revolutionize cancer treatment through targeted treatment of breast, colon, prostate, bladder and other cancers. The company’s product is the highly specific JAA-F11 antibody that binds to the Thomsen-Friedenreich glycoantigen (TF-Ag), which is a unique target expressed on the surface of about 80 percent of breast, colon, bladder, prostate and other carcinomas but not on normal tissues. JAA-F11 can be used with chemotherapy to kill tumor cells and will also block tumor cell metastasis. No toxicity is expected since TF-Ag, the target of JAA-F11, is not found on normal cells. The cancer cell surfaces are targeted with the humanized JAA-F11 monoclonal antibody therapy, based on licensed University at Buffalo Intellectual Property. The company will locate to Sherman Hall, create two new jobs and invest $5,000.

SUNY Downstate – 46 new jobs
IRX Therapeutics, Inc. is an existing New York State business involved in developing bio-pharmaceuticals. The company’s major immunotherapy drug, IRX-2, shows promise in arresting the development and aiding in the removal of cancer affecting the head and neck. The company recently embarked on a Phase IIB study partnership with a major pharmaceutical company. IRX will locate to the BioBAT incubator in Brooklyn, create 38 new jobs and invest $950,000.

Celmatix, Inc. is an existing biotechnology company in New York focused on women’s health. The company leverages predictive analytics and genomics to create products that bring greater clarity to the treatment of infertility and pave the way for proactive fertility management. Their novel research discoveries have allowed them to develop products that help women make informed decisions about their fertility and provide doctors with data-driven tools that complement their patient care. The company is bringing a genetic diagnostic test to market and needs to establish a laboratory to achieve this goal. Celmatix will expand to the Downstate Biotechnology incubator at 760 Parkside Ave in Brooklyn. The company will create eight new jobs and invest $1.065 million.

Mount Saint Mary College – eight new jobs
Legion Hose Grip, Inc. is a new company that has designed and manufactured a first-of-its-kind tool for use in firefighting. The product has global application and is expected to measurably reduce line of duty injury and deaths resulting from the strain associated with handling high pressure fire hoses. Legion Hose Grip will locate to a vacant warehouse in Newburgh, Orange County, create eight new jobs and invest $57,250.

Ulster County Community College – four new jobs
Regen Water, Inc. is a new manufacturer of drinking water and wastewater treatment systems primarily using a membrane microfiltration technology. The primary customers will be municipalities and private entities in need of water and wastewater treatment. The units will be contract manufactured and shipped directly to the job site for on-site installation and start up. Regen Water will locate to Kingston, create four new jobs and invest $65,500.

START-UP NY provides businesses that create net new jobs in New York State with the opportunity to operate 100 percent tax-free for 10 years, paying no state income tax, business or corporate state or local taxes, sales tax, property tax or franchise fees. The companies also partner with the higher education institutions they are sponsored by, and have the ability to access industry experts and advanced research laboratories associated with the schools.

To date, 71 schools are participating in START-UP NY, establishing nearly 400 Tax-Free Areas, representing more than 4.4 million square-feet of tax-free space for new or expanding businesses to operate on or near campuses. Each college and university’s approved START-UP NY plan is available at www.startup.ny.gov

START-UP NY includes strong provisions to protect against fraud. Businesses are required to submit certification to ESD, and falsifying certifications is a felony. The program also includes strict provisions to guard against abuses such as shifting jobs among related entities or “shirtchanging,” when a company simply reincorporates under a new name and claims its existing employees are now new jobs. In addition, START-UP NY includes measures to prevent self-dealing and conflicts of interest. In cases of fraud, the State is empowered to claw-back benefits granted to the business. Companies that do not meet the terms of the program – including meeting their job creation targets – may have their benefits reduced, suspended or terminated. ESD has the authority to review company data to ensure that jobs have been created and maintained, and to end participation by companies that have not created net new jobs.

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