April 10, 2017
Albany, NY

Governor Cuomo and Governor Christie Issue Joint Letter Calling For Complete Review of Amtrak's Infrastructure and Maintenance Protocols at Penn Station

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New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie today issued a joint letter to the CEO of Amtrak and Executive Director of the Federal Railroad Administration calling for a complete review of Amtrak's infrastructure and maintenance protocols at Penn Station.

The text of the letter is below:

"Following recent train derailments and severe service disruptions at New York’s Pennsylvania Station, the need for a complete review of Amtrak’s infrastructure and maintenance protocols has become clear. While Amtrak and the Federal Railroad Administration are undertaking these badly needed assessments, the states of New York and New Jersey have not been invited to participate in the assessment and in the development of the needed response.

"As the primary users of Penn Station via the Long Island Rail Road and NJ Transit, New York and New Jersey are requesting independent verification of track safety at Penn Station. Specifically, this comprehensive review should take into account the causes of recent failures at Penn Station and any needed changes to the processes by which routine maintenance and emergency repairs are performed.

"As you know, Penn Station is more than just a rail hub – it is a regional economic engine. The Long Island Rail Road carries 230,000 passengers through Penn Station every day. NJ Transit brings nearly 200,000 commuters to and from Manhattan every day. These riders, residents of our states, deserve safe and reliable rail service.

"Severe service disruptions at Penn Station not only impact and inconvenience riders, but also create a ripple effect across the region.

"Our passengers and our residents deserve better. "

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