July 29, 2011
Albany, NY

Governor Coumo Launches Regional Council Chairman's Committee

TOP Governor Coumo Launches Regional Council...

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today launched the Chairman's Committee for the Regional Economic Development Councils. The committee will facilitate cooperation among the ten Regional Councils and will resolve issues that affect multiple regions.


Lieutenant Governor Robert Duffy, who serves as the Chair of each Regional Council, will lead the Chairman's Committee. The committee will include leaders in business, academia, labor, agriculture, nonprofits, and community-based organizations. The two Co-Chairs from each of the ten Regional Councils will also serve on the committee. A complete list of statewide members of the Chairman's Committee is included below.


"The Chairman's Committee will ensure that the Regional Councils remain connected and coordinated as they each work to stimulate their local economies and create jobs," Governor Cuomo said. "By working with the guidance of the Chairman's Committee, the Regional Councils will be best equipped to take advantage of state resources, share best practices, and rebuild New York."


Among other duties, the Chairman's Committee will:


  • Resolve any statewide or inter-regional conflicts
  • Identify and eliminate barriers to economic growth common across regions
  • Facilitate coordination among regions and between the State and the Regional Councils
  • Provide guidance on projects that impact multiple regions or the entire state
  • Aggregate feedback from each of the Regional Councils


Lieutenant Governor Robert Duffy said, "I am proud to be leading the Chairman's Committee and I look forward to implementing Governor Cuomo's vision for economic development across our state. This committee will offer support and guidance to the Regional Councils as they focus on revitalizing their local economies. All Councils, and all regions of our state, will benefit from our coordination and cooperation."


Empire State Development President, CEO & Commissioner Kenneth Adams said, "Governor Cuomo is advancing exactly the right approach for economic development in our diverse state. While the Regional Councils work to create jobs and devise development strategies for their localities, the Chairman's Committee will provide the broad support needed to ensure smooth and streamlined coordination among the Councils and with the state government. This combination of local planning and statewide cooperation planning is a winning formula for New York."


The Regional Councils represent a fundamental shift in the state's approach to economic development, from a top-down development model to a community-based approach that emphasizes regions' unique assets, harnesses local expertise, and empowers communities to stimulate regional economic development and create jobs statewide.


Currently, New York State's economic development efforts are managed through dozens of separate state and local agencies. The Regional Councils now bring together stakeholders in every region of the state to serve as a coordinated point of contact for economic development.


Each Regional Council will develop a plan for the development of their region. The state will work with the Regional Councils to align state resources and policies, eliminate unnecessary barriers to growth and prosperity, and streamline the delivery of government services and programs to help the Regional Councils carry out their plans for development.


The ten Regional Councils cover the Capital Region, Central New York, Finger Lakes, Long Island, Mid-Hudson, Mohawk Valley, New York City, North Country, Southern Tier, and Western New York.


Chairman's Committee Members


Statewide Representatives

Laura Anglin, President, Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities
Nancy Zimpher, Chancellor, State University of New York
Ellis Rubinstein, President & CEO, NY Academy of Sciences
Julie Suarez, Director of Public Policy, NYS Farm Bureau
Antonio M. Perez, Chairman & CEO, Eastman Kodak Company
Bill Thompson, Chair of M/WBE Task Force
Denis Hughes, President, NYS AFL-CIO
Edward Malloy, President, NYS Building and Construction Trades Council
Heather Briccetti, Acting President & CEO, The Business Council
Brian McMahon, Executive Director, NYS Economic Development Council
Brian Sampson, Executive Director, Unshackle Upstate
Michael P. Durant New York State Director, National Federation of Independent Businesses
Jan Marie Chesterton, IOM President, New York State Hospitality and Tourism Association


The two Co-Chairs from each of the ten Regional Councils will also serve on the committee.