October 3, 2017
Albany, NY

Counsel to the Governor Alphonso David Issues Letter to PSC Chair and CEO Raising Concerns Regarding Charter Communications

TOP Counsel to the Governor Alphonso David Issues...

Counsel to the Governor Alphonso David today issued a letter raising concerns regarding Charter Communications.

The text of the letter is below:


October 2, 2017

John Rhodes
Chair and Chief Executive Officer
New York State Public Service Commission 
Empire State Plaza 
Agency Building 3 
Albany, NY 12223-1350

Dear Mr. Rhodes,

I write to raise pressing concerns regarding Charter Communications ("Charter") that require your immediate review.

First, I have learned that Charter is not providing broadband service to areas without access, which appears to violate the essential terms and conditions of Charter and Time Warner Cable's merger agreement with the State of New York. Providing broadband access throughout the State is one of Governor Cuomo's major initiatives. For Charter to have failed to comply with the terms of the merger agreement so early in the process raises significant concerns about Charter's ability to meet its obligations moving forward.

Second, I have been advised that Charter employed 1,700 experienced employees when the Public Service Commission approved the Charter merger. I have also been advised that Charter represented to the Commission that it would maintain its skilled and experienced customer-facing workforce. However, I understand that as a result of the current strike, Charter's employee workforce has been diminished in size and skill, leaving customers vulnerable to poor service. Charter's actions therefore contradict the representations it made to the State's regulator.

Charter provides an essential service to New York citizens, and these issues cause deep concern over its willingness to deliver those services as represented in its merger agreement. Please review these matters immediately and take all necessary action to ensure that New Yorkers receive the services and actions promised under the merger agreement.



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