November 15, 2016
Albany, NY

Audio, Transcript & Photos: Governor Cuomo Discusses Recent Reports of Alleged Hate Crimes Across New York State

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Governor Cuomo: “In this state there is no place for racism, there is no place for hate."

Governor Launches Hotline to Report Incidents of Discrimination: 1-888-392-3644


Earlier today, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo launched a toll-free hotline to report incidents of bias and discrimination across the state. At an event in Rochester, the Governor delivered remarks on the new initiative and the recent increase in hate crimes in New York.

Yesterday, the Governor joined thousands of New Yorkers posting notes expressing their thoughts and feelings on the future of our nation on a wall inside the 14th St/Union Square subway station in Manhattan. Photos of the Governor posting his note are available here.

Audio of the Governor’s remarks is available here.

A rush transcript of his remarks is available below:

“There has been an explosion recently in the number of hate crime instances. They are being investigated and it’s not a crime until we have evidence of it being a crime. But circumstantially, they were very, very troubling and we want to make a very clear statement in this state: that there is no place for racism, there is no place for hate, there is no place for swastikas, there is no place for racially-inflammatory and divisive rhetoric or acts. This is New York. This is America. We are all immigrants and the way this state and this country works is we are a diverse population. By definition we are a diverse population. That’s what founded the country and the diversity is its strength, and we’re not going to let anyone turn the diversity into a weakness, and we’re not going to be pitted one against another. We are people from all difference races, from all difference countries, different religions, but we are one community at the end of the day. Hateful rhetoric or hateful slogans are not just immoral, unethical, not nice, they’re also illegal in the state of New York. We have a very strict hate crimes law that we take seriously and I want the people of the state of New York to know we’re going to enforce it. I understand the political environment out there, and I understand the sentiments that have been raised, but the law is the law. The hate crimes legislation and the hate crimes laws will be enforced."

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